Crossler Outlasts Parrish 26-20

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  Crossler’s Max Lloyd and Parrish’s Vita Lata are going to have themselves great High School careers once they get to that point of their playing careers.

Lloyd started off the fun Monday afternoon against the Pioneers with an offensive touchdown and followed it up with a pick-six defensively to help the Crocodiles to build a 12-0 lead in the first quarter at North Salem High School.

For Lloyd, who two weeks ago scored twice against Walker, points towards his team and coaches in making this season a fun one so far getting ready for Judson next week.

“I really like our team.  I really like my coaches and I really enjoy it a lot,” Lloyd said, who had three touchdowns in the victory.  “This game was really good but next week, we have to get ready.  We can improve a lot, we can focus on our lanes and gaps and be more physical.”

Being physical was what helped Parrish in getting back into the game.  Going with the Wildcat offense, something that they installed during the second quarter Monday, Vita Lata led the charge behind his offensive line as the Pios running back scored two of the three Parrish touchdowns.  Xaivor Keller scored the final touchdown of the game that brought the Pioneers back to within six with 2:06 left in the game, trailing 26-20 to Crossler.  

Parrish’s Vita Lata showing the ref the ball after his reception that set up Xaiver Keller’s toucdown run in the Pioneers tough 26-20 defeat to Crossler (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“They did a good job, we struggled in the first half but we bounced back and they got their blocks.  Me and X, that’s what we do,” Lata said.  

“We knew if we kept fighting, we’ll end up close (at the end).  Our line did their thing and we tried to do our the best that we can.  But at the end of the day, we came up short and we got some things to improve on and just bounce back and get ready for next week,” adds Keller.

And Lata and Keller point to fine-tuning their install and preparing for Houck back at North Salem on October 13 at 7pm.  The Crocodiles, who also saw Gabe Flynn score with a rushing touchdown as well, and the Jaguars of Judson play at McKay High School on October 12 at 7pm.  The City Middle School Playoffs start October 26 with the Championship Round being November 2 at McCulloch Stadium

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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