About Jeremy McDonald

Hey Everyone,

A little about myself, I’m a up-and-coming journalist currently living in the Salem/Portland area trying to break into the journalism/PR fields.  I have two bachelor degree’s to my name with Journalism (2011) and Health and PE (2013) from Southern Oregon University (Go Raiders!) as well as being a member of the Society of Professional Journalist in the Oregon Chapter.

My wife, Amber and I at Disneyland's 60th Anniversary September of 2015. Celebrating our second wedding anniversary.
My wife, Amber and I at Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary September of 2015. Celebrating our second wedding anniversary.

I have written as a intern at the Medford (Ore.) Mail Tribune and KOBI Channel 5 (NBC Affiliate in Medford) for a combined year; six months in both places.  I have also got two years worth of professional writing as a freelancer for the sports departments for Gold Country Media in Placer County, about 15-30 minutes east of Sacramento to go with four months working as a contributor for the Lincoln Beacon Community website as a writer and took pictures as well.

My passion is writing.  As some journalist look for fame and fortune, I look for the fame in sharing and telling stories.  To share them with the community, I could care less about the fame and the money because I have fun just writing and telling people’s stories.  It’s just who I am.

I got into Journalism in college to break me out of my shy and awkward shell.

Personally, I love working out.  I have competed in numerous half-marathons in the past with a marathon or two to boot.  I got married to my wife, Amber, in Disneyland September of 2013 and had our first child, Nataile, in July of 2018.

If you like me to come out and do something on your program, school, or would like me to write for your publication, please let me know!  My number is (541)-622-4385 and my email is jeremymcdonald73@gmail.com!

-Jeremy McDonald

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Armando Ruiz says:

    please cover Blanchet Softball.

  2. Art Cummins says:

    Thanks for all you do in support of the Withnell Dodgers’ American Legion baseball.

  3. Tom Rohlffs says:

    Jeremy. I received the 2A All-State teams. I read your list and there’s a couple of differences. Jaxon Rozewski, Toledo was on the third team with five others. Can you clarify. Also, have you seen any of the other 5 classifications? It’s been a long time for them to be listed. —Tom

    1. What’s the list looking like that you received? I copied and pasted from the list I got from Santiam yesterday afternoon

  4. Diane Arvey says:

    thank you so much for your coverage of high school sports. could you please e-mail me the picture of Bailey Pedersen that accompanied the 3point game? (proud grandparent)

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