Published Features

Below are some Feature’s I’ve done prior to my creation of this site.  Another Tab will have my best preview and game stories that were published:

I had an opportunity to sit down with several members of the Roseville High School Cheer Squad a few months back on their chance to perform at the Macy’s Day Parade on Thanksgiving this year.


I had the honor to sit down with Moses Daniels, a senior men’s basketball player at Whitney high school, about the loss of his mother and how it affected him as not just a player, but as a person in general. This is one of the best features I’ve written because of what he has gone through because I could relate to a point because I lost my mother as well when I was younger.


This feature was probably one of the most challenging features I’ve ever done. I say this because I was writing on a athlete dealing with a mental disability. Knowing that some people having conflicting opinions about mental disabilities and how the media portrays them in some instances. I spent three whole days making sure I wrote it just right so it not just portrays Travis and his spectacular moment of getting a touchdown on senior night at Granite Bay, but to make sure it did not offend anyone in the process of writing the story.


I find this particular feature to be a fun one. It is a team feature on a little league squad that won three straight league titles in their league, the first time it ever happened. I thought it was fun because I was dealing with 11, 12, and 13-year-olds instead of the traditional high school/collegiate athlete, it was a good change of pace for me as a Journalist to adjust and change my questions around. Ironically, after the story was published, they won the “Tournament of Champions” after two years of coming up short.


For this particular story, it went from a star athlete at a junior college to surprise story. When I did the feature, Taylor Donnot was averaging 12.9 points a game and 8.9 rebounds a game. But when I dug into who Taylor was, I found out that she was working at a local restaurant after high school when the Sierra College head coach noticed she her talent in high school and invited her to play on the team. After some turbulence, Donnot finally found her big break in her final season at Sierra College.


This particular feature is on former Whitney High School athlete Kyle Creighton, who is playing basketball at Division-III CSU-Santa Cruz. It is an update, “what have you’ve been up too” story since he graduated in June of 2014.


This is a “Athlete of the Week” mini-feature I did on a junior tennis player at Rocklin High School, I condense my feature approach down a bit to showcase this athlete’s stellar season/week to this point and what her future plans are.


In this feature, it focused around former Whitney High School football player, Zack Graves and his return to football at Sierra College following a knee surgery. I focused with the progress of when the injury to why he decided to come back to football after a two-year hiatus.


I was approached with this particular feature by an editor about a Army Veteran who was giving a football a try. Funny thing was, he never played football prior to playing for Sierra College and his position coach never knew of it until he told him.


Over the summer of 2014, a athlete of Rocklin High School was approaching me about his recruiting process and details behind what school what school he was pondering. Once he committed to Chico State in the fall of 2014, I went to my editor about the feature and I took the route of focusing on his recuriting process with the feature on Vinnie Safin.



Placer Herald:  When dance appeal goes far beyond simply dancing:

o   Link:

65 Sports:  Small Track Importance in the Community.


Placer Herald:  Reaching a ‘milli’-stone plus 200’-

Auburn Journal:  Placer High Athletic Hall of Fame: Ron Hyatt was a stellar student and coach:

·         Link:

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