Goals Of JMcDonaldMedia

Sports are a way of life.  At one point or another, we knew someone (or even ourselves), that played athletics.  I want to give that voice to those people.  The athletes, the coaches, the fans and the parents.  Sports mean that much to me.

I started Jmcdonaldmedia in October 2015 as a way to get my name out there as a sports journalist after moving to Oregon in August.  A few years out of college, (this is my 4th year writing professionally), I learned quickly the importance of recognition student-athletes and the programs around the area and I try to showcase that with this running portfolio.

I’m not trying to compete with the other news outlets ‘To be Number One”, I’m just trying to help out.  Help out by adding a extra voice to the world of sports.  There  is only so many  journalist in the vast world of sports that I want to use this site as a lending hand to bridge that gap so everyone has an opportunity to see their event and stories published!

Whether it’s with preview articles, game stories or feature article, my goal is to find a way to lend that helping hand to share the stories of our beautiful area that is the Greater Portland and Salem area!

My goals as a writer are simple.  Take what I know to put together the best story that I can to share the best stories that are out there, to share the people’s stories whatever that might be!  How can I do this?  I can promise you how I will do this from my end to make everything work:

  • Constantly Writing/Practicing.  A good journalist is never done practicing and working at his/her craft.  The practice of writing is never “perfect”, you can only get better.  My writing is decent but I would like to practice more on it.  I’ll do this everytime I’m out covering something, whatever it maybe.
  • Gain more confidence.  It has been my weakness, and with more and more practice I can gain enough confidence to continue to improve from there.  You’ll never have too much confidence in this business, (ok maybe a little haha).  But I will improve.
  • Work on my Communication Skill Another weakness of mine. I have constantly worked on this in the past. But as I mentioned about Constantly Writing, you can’t be totally “perfect” with it, but you can only get better.

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