Nicoli The Leader

By Jeremy McDonald

MOLALLA, Ore.–  Incoming Western Christian Madi Nicoli was vocal from the bench and pointing out things to her teammates during Friday’s game against Crosspoint Christian at Country Christian High School.

For Nicoli, who was the lone junior on this past season’s 2A State Playoff Team,  knows that all eyes are on her now entering her final season with the Pioneers.

“It’s really big and I’ve learned this year that a lot of girls look up to me and being verbal and being an encourager, even in the low moments, is when we need it the most.  Especially with a young team,” Nicoli said.  “Over the past three years, it’s really helped me become more verbal leader.”

Nicoli was working down in the post against the Warriors.  A work in the making as she’s been putting in the hours to learn and develop in the position down in the trenches.

“The last three years have been a lot of learning.  A lot of learning and it’s really paid off now.  I’ve done a lot of lessons with Madi and Gary Hull and I’ve been working on my post moves and the past three years have helped me with the teammates that I’ve had, it’s really helped,” Nicoli stated.

The younger Hull has taken over the Western Christian program going into this upcoming season and Nicoli points to how Madi Hull has been a mentor for her.  The younger Madi even points to similarities between her senior year and the older Madi’s senior season in 2017 as Western Christian’s Summer schedule is underway,

“She’s a really big mentor for me because her senior season is pretty much like my senior season with a very young team.I think her being our Head Coach this year is a really huge advantage to us because e’s gone through it.  It really encourages us and pushes us.  We’re really excited to what the Winter will bring.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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