Livingstone Adventist Academy Rolls To 4-0 Start

By Jeremy Mcdonald

SALEM. Ore.–  Livingstone Adventist Academy’s Emily Velazques was leading the Lions charge down the stretch in the squads 47-24 win over Crosshill Christian Monday Night.

The senior forward/wing accounted for 29  points as early on the Eagles were on their heels in the Casco League matchup.

“It’s honestly difficult because I’m a pretty pessimistic person.  But I don’t know, just be upbeat as much as you can,” Velaques starts.  “For our team we take the first few quarters to warm up and then it just hits with our baskets.  Just making our shots is kind of a confidence booster. You just have to push through and eventually they’ll fall.”

Livingstone Adventist Academy led 18-16 in the second quarter before outscoring Crosshill Christian 29-8 over the next two-plus quarters for the 47-24 win (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Crosshill Christian had pull with two of Livingstone during the second quarter, trailing the Lions 18-16.  Playing sound defense and playing well offensively to pace the undefeated Livingstone Adventist Academy squad to start the game.

“We were in it the whole time and as a team.  We shot well and played good defense,” the Eagles Allie Rowzee said. 

Rowzee, a freshman, led the Eagles with 13 points.  Pointing towards how they can work on their shot selection and coming together as a unit in times of adversity with the Lions finding a groove going into the second half.  

They finished the half on a 5-2 advantage before turning a 8-0 third quarter to flip the momentum into their favor going into the fourth as Livingstone improves to 4-0 on the season, and 4-0 in Casco League play.  Looking to improve the little things as they’ll face C.S. Lewis/Veritas and Willamette Valley Christian on Wednesday and Saturday respectively.

“Passing the ball I think and learn from our mistakes because with teams like these where we don’t beat them by a lot, it’s a good learning experience to work as a team and work more together for the difficult teams,” Velaques said.

Crosshill Christian host Jewell Wednesday, travel to Perrydale Thursday and host Siletz Valley on Saturday to close out the week, falling to 3-9 overall and 1-3 in Casco League play.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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