Amity Wins Third-Straight Game

By Jeremy McDonald

AMITY, Ore.–  With good shooters as Faith Bible’s Matthew Faciol and Landon Young are, Amity needed to keep the damage to those two while trying to contain the two sharpshooters Wednesday night on home court.

“They’re amazing shooters…me and Trent Carton were on them and we would switch every screen and be up in their faces, but they were still hitting them.  We were trying to get up in their face as much as we can without getting called for fouls,” Amity’s Logan Grove said.

The Warriors, who ended up winning their third game-in-a-row on this evening 66-61, got a spark going into halftime with a strong second quarter.  Leading as much as ten in the frame before seeing the Falcons cut it to 33-28 by the halftime break in favor of Amity.

It was one of those games in which the Warriors sustained their energy following their strong spurt in the second quarter. 

Amity used a strong finish to the first half to turn into momentum in the second half for their third-straight victory Wednesday night at home (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Amity pushed their lead to double-digits a few times in the second half, Faith Bible answered, but could never get over the hump and overcome the deficit as the Warriors halted the rallies every time.  For a new batch of Warrior faces replacing several important pieces, it was a good sign to see with their 3-1 start to the season.

“It felt like we were in control the whole time.  We slowed down a little and then we picked it back up.  Great team effort,” Carton said.  “Every game we’re just getting better and better, it’s feeling like a great team now.  Everyone’s just doing their thing, knowing what to do and it was just good team effort.”

Carton scored 23 points and Grove contributed another 19 points in the victory.  Faciol had 13 points and Young added 19 for Faith Bible with nine of the Falcons 11 three-pointers in the game.

Amity will host Warrenton Friday at 7pm, Faith Bible host St. Stephen’s Academy Saturday morning at 11am.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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