Filling In To Help The Team

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.–  It was the ‘next man up’ philosophy for incoming McKay sophomore Kasiley Severin at team camp at Cascade High School this week.  Without their typical center for much of camp, the 132-pound Severin jumped in on the opportunity to help his team out in their time of need. 

“Honestly, I’ll sacrifice anything for the team,” Severin said.  “I’ll do anything for the team and if it means I have to step up on the O(ffensive)-Line, then I’ll do it.”

This wasn’t the first rodeo for Severin down in the trenches as he blocked for Quarterback Kyrin Fuimaono and the Scots Running Backs, having played on offensive line as a freshman. 

It was noted by the McKay coaches that he looked more the part as a freshman before he hit a growth spurt recently as he is expected to play Tight End and Linebacker this upcoming season as McKay scrimmaged Sandy, Estacada, Woodburn, Dallas and Cascade this week.  The past experience helped for camp this year.

Severin (left, 38) throwing a double-team block in their Thursday morning scrimmage with 4A’s Estacada at Cascade High School (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It’s very big.  Last year I was learning the basics and now, I know the basics and so that I know the basics I can continue to evolve and step up my game better,” Severin said. 

Severin was one of few Scotsmen who stepped up for camp due to injury or work-related fill-ins during camp as McKay enters Moratorium Week six weeks out from their first game against Putnam on September 3.

“It’s just the work ethic that we have put in.  All the work we have done from Point A to Point B.  It all adds up here and if we really want to show out, we need to keep working hard and move on,” said Severin.

The Scots return to work on August 2.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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