Stables To Pull Double-Duty In College

By Jeremy McDonald

AMITY, Ore.—  There was no pressure on Cydney Stables as she went out to join the golf team her Senior Year.  None at all. 

The recent Amity-graduate wanted to try something new before she left the little town for college.  To have fun, to enjoy herself and compete as well as she can in her first-year of doing golf.

And here’s what was crazy.  She went out and made history.  First Warrior golfer to ever qualify for a State competition as she went on to finish third in the 4A/3A/2A/1A Girls Golf State Showcase.      

It’s crazy to think that this past Spring was Cydney Stables first year ever doing golf when she finished third at the 4A/3A/2A/1A State Showcase back in May at Langdon  Farms Golf Course.

“I think the best part was watching the coach confirm my scores and getting excited as I qualified for districts and then for the state showcase. Just having this entire experience has been phenomenal. Placing in the showcase is really what gave me the opportunity to golf in college,” Stables said. 

“When I came to our first high school practice, I never saw golf as a competitive opportunity for me because I was so new to the sport and it was vastly different from the physicality of basketball. However, I grew to love the strategy and had a natural talent in the sport as Coach (Joel) Magill said.”

Stables finished third in the pre-district meet at the Santiam Golf Course before qualifying for State the following week.  Pointing towards not having any sort of pressure on her during the season to her success as she quickly picked up the sport over the six-week short season.

Stables, pictured here during her freshman year, has played basketball and done FFA at Amity before trying her hand at Golf. Becoming the first Warrior girls athlete to qualify for State in golf (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“I think not having the pressure to succeed really helped me learn more skills and allow me to have a better outcome on the course. Magill was a great coach for teaching me in a positive environment,” Stables starts.  “Because it was such a short season, I really learned on the fly and have a lot to improve upon. I am super excited to be able to play golf in college and gain even more skills.”

Stables, who jumped from the golf course to the basketball court for Amity following her third-place finish, had recently signed to do both basketball and golf at Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa.

It’s rare to do two sports in college.  Normally it’s a Fall and a Spring Sport, i.e. Cross Country and Track or Football and Track when athlete’s do pull double-duty.  But Stables will have both of her sports back-to-back.  It’ll be a challenge yes with academics around her, but the incoming Sting Freshman is ready for it.

“I know it sounds crazy to try and juggle my academics as well as play two sports in college. I really think it is going to be a great opportunity. Both coaches are working together to make this a successful experience for everyone – the team, the coaches and, myself,” Stables said.  “I think being at a smaller private college is definitely an advantage in making this happen. Of course, I will be practicing year-round for both sports, however, I will primarily be focusing on basketball in the fall and golf in the spring.

“I am really excited to have the opportunity to play sports after high school. Playing at the collegiate level has always been a goal of mine. It is incredible that I will be able to play both basketball and golf. It is an unreal feeling to know that this goal is coming true.”

But she won’t forget the positive experiences at Amity.  Being a part of four state winning FFA teams, the league honors in basketball, new found success on the golf course, Valedictorian.  Stables felt like she took full advantage of everything Amity has to offer as she embarks on her new chapter in life.

“I hope that I have been a role model to younger students and proven that you can accomplish everything that you put your mind to. My goal has always been to inspire those around me and spread positivity in all situations,” Stables said.  “I am extremely proud of my fellow graduates and am really looking forward to this next phase of my life and the challenges that lay ahead.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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