PacWest Conference Baseball Honors

By Jeremy McDonald

Scio’s Blake Brown got Pitcher of the Year as the Loggers went 12-4 on the year. Yamhill-Carlton’s Wyatt Hurley and Tigers Head Coach Brennon Mossholder each got Player of the Year and Coach of the Year awards in the PacWest Conference with YC finishing second in the 3A Culmination Week State Playoffs with a 15-3 record.

Here is the complete list:

First Team

Pitcher  Blake Brown- Scio

Pitcher  Carson Robarts- Yamhill-Carlton

Catcher-  Wyatt Hurley- Yamhill-Carlton

Catcher-  Nate Arce- Dayton

Infielder  Garrett Young- Scio

Infielder Jacob Preston- Yamhill-Carlton

Infielder Gavin Arce- Dayton

Infielder Jalen Bjerke- Horizon Christian

Outfielder  Jake Trissel- Scio

Outfielder- Mikel Rivas- Yamhill-Carlton

Outfielder  Owen Carney- Yamhill-Carlton

First Basemen– Kaden Fergus- Dayton

Utility Kyle Troutman- Dayton

Dayton’s Kaden Fergus delivering a pitch against Scio on April 27 as the Senior got first-team first baseman honors. The Loggers won the match-up 5-3 that day in Dayton (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team

Pitcher Riley Malis- Yamhill-Carlton

Pitcher- Toby Mask- Scio

Catcher- Koby Matilla- Horizon Christian

Catcher– Dustin Erickson- Scio

Catcher- Spencer Kowalski- Blanchet

Infield- Hunter Barber-Amity

Infielder- Kyle Slater-Yamhill-Carlton

Infielder- Brycen Williams- Yamhill-Carlton

Infiedler- Carter Eldridge- Horizon Christian

Outfielder- Reid Otto- Scio

Outfielder- Aidan Olberdin- Dayton

Outfielder- Tyler Millican- Blanchet

First Baseman- Tarver Langston- Horizon Christian

Utility Colby Nyseth- Amity

Honorable Mention

Infielder- Brandon Aird- Amity

Infielder- Justin deSmet- Dayton

Infielder- Luke Holland- Blanchet

First Baseman- Tiger Reiman- Yamhill-Carlton

First Baseman- Bain Schudel- Scio

First Baseman- Hunter Archer- Blanchet

Outfielder- Nolan Hammon-Horizon Christian

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