No Pressure Entering 2019

By Jeremy McDonald

SHERIDAN, Ore.– DeAndre Broxterman had a tough way to end his sophomore season for the Sheridan Football team as the six-foot, 180-pound lineman left the Spartans Quarterfinal game against eventual 2A State Champions Kennedy with a knee injury in 2018.

It was at the tail end of one of those great seasons that left a bitter taste in not just Broxterman’s season but Sheridan’s too as they saw the Trojans put the book-end to their season with a 8-2 season and their first playoff apperence since 2010.

Fast forward to the first day of camp a week before the Fall Practice kicks off next Monday, Broxterman returns on the line at offensive tackle and on the defensive line healthy and ready to go.

“It was good because I thought I was going to be out for the rest of the sports, so I’m glad that I could go back to wrestling and comeback out here and give out as much effort as I can to show the team that I’m going to the next level,” said Broxterman.

Broxterman (left, gray shorts) coming off the line during a live-drill on air Monday evening (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Broxterman mentioned he hopes to see Sparty go as far, and further, than they did last year as the league looks to be close between them, Santiam and Kennedy entering the 2019 season for the league title.

With Jacob Peterson leaving for Newberg following the season, Jeff Swinehart steps in as head coach as the white-haired coach brings the fire and passion the first day of camp Monday.

Kaden Eggers, who takes over the Quarterback duties from Jacob DeBroff this season, says that Swinehart’s coaching style is something they need to get them geared up and ready to duplicate last season’s success into this upcoming season.

“I love the energy he puts out. I like that, it pushes us and that’s what we need right now. We need someone to push us with the guys we’re losing from last year,” said Eggers.

Their eight-win season came on the heels of a 5-4 season in 2017 and 2-7 in 2016, but losing 12, 13 seniors from that near-double digit squad will hurt.

Sheridan will look to continue their success from last season entering the 2019 season in 2A (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

However, with Eggers, Broxterman, Josh Rogers (Running Back, Linebacker), Wyatt Schultz (Reicever/Safety), Wyatt Reilley Dearth (Offensive and Defensive Line) and Elliot Henley (Receiver/Corner) returning, there’s a strong core returning after the standard that was set for Sheridan football.

“If we just work hard, we put in the work and we get everybody out here…I think we got the same potential as last year,” said Broxterman.

“I’m looking forward to it,” adds Eggers entering this year. “I’m definitely looking forward to it because I want to see what I can do and what the team can do.”

The offense already looks vastly different with the run-option like that of Oregon ran during the Chip Kelly-days in Eugene compare to what they ran last year. A challenge yes, but confidence is there that they’ll get it down for the jamboree at Willamina is just 18 days away on August 30 and the season opener game versus Monroe on the road isn’t until September 6.

As for the pressure entering this season, it’s not really an issue.

“We just got to keep positive attitudes and that’s going to be the biggest thing this year is the positive attitude,” said Eggers.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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