Santiam Red Holds Off Santiam Black In Powderpuff 12-6

By Jeremy McDonald

MILL CITY, Ore.- With Santiam’s Homecoming game Friday against Chemawa, the Wolverines hosted the annual Powderpuff game Wednesday night on the home football field under the lights.

The red team consisted of seventh-, ninth-, and eleventh-graders while the black team consisted of eighth-, tenth-, and twelfth-graders.

The Santiam red team struck gold first when Jasmyn Clark scored on the ground that was followed by a touchdown reception, a rarity in Powderpuff games as they built a 12-0 lead following Kassie Klagge’s score.

“It was good because last year, we got smashed. I thought we were playing with confidence and we were really hyped,” smiled and laughed Clark on the start to the game. “It was really fun.”

Slowly though, the Black team found a way to build some momentum as the game continued to get physical. Maddison Hicks had a circus catch that had some trying to call Jerry Rice saying the Hall Of Fame receiver has some competition in Mill City.

Trevor Tinney looking on as the Black Team ditched the University of Oregon cardboard cut-outs for some traditional Play-calling (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The Senior in Hicks eventually got the Santiam Black team onto the scoreboard as their defense held and got the ball back with 1:40 or so left. Without any timeouts, the Black team suffered a few injuries including with Hicks but still found themselves one play away from tying the game up at 12.

Some on the Black sideline cheered saying, ‘It’s like the Semi-Final game again!’. But unlike that fame kick that sent the Football team to the State Title Game in 2017, the pass in the endzone was broken up as time expired for the Santiam Red’s win 12-6.

“I just had a lot of fun in this game and I think that’s what Powderpuff is really all about. Going into it, both times that we played we always won and I think that was the thing,” said Brittany Grenbemer, who was on the Black team Wednesday night. “We came into it with that, knowing that we’re going to take it. The whole game is just for fun and that’s the most important thing and it’s really exciting to get that little bit of momentum there with Maddison’s touchdown and just go out there and have a good time.”

Kick-off is at 7pm versus the Braves.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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