Dodgers Start League With A ‘W’, 6-1 On Season.

By Jeremy McDonald

The Withnell bats are surely firing back up as is the thermometer in Salem dating back to Saturday.
Monday’s continuation of Sunday’s success resembled that to as they have looked all season-long outside Saturday’s blimp against Eugene with a nine-run, 14-hit, league opening game versus Mid-Valley at their home field of Willamette University.
“It’s good,we came off a loss two-days ago and we’ve bounced back well, we bounced back yesterday and I think we need to stay on this streak and start a hitting streak,” said Tori Doten, the South Salem Graduate contributed two of the 14 hits on 2-for-4 hitting on the day in the 9-4 win.

Their defense was had a good, solid day, but not as good as they know they could be.

Tori Doten went 2-4 on the day for Withnell and help turned one of two Double Plays for the Dodgers Monday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


But, they made up the four errors they committed with good answer back outs that included a 6-4-3 double play in the Top of Seventh inning and a incredible 9-6-5 Double Play to end the eighth as Noah Boatwright received the relay pass from Will Delorette from right field, then Boatwright proceeded to turn on his heel to get the third out throw just in time to Justin Culpepper to end the inning.

“Every time someone did something and made an error, everyone in the field picked him up and then they made the play,” said Nick Raska. “And every time we got into the dugout, whenever they scored a run, we matched it or beat it so that got us the win today.”
He was right, when Mid-Valley scored a first-inning run, and another in the sixth; the Dodgers answered in the bottom of those innings with a run in the first-inning and five in the bottom of the sixth-inning.
But man Raska, boy was he dominate on the bump Monday, seven-and-a-third innings of  five-hit, four-strikeout ball; challenging the Southpaw hitters to use their strong bats that they have on their end to beat him and his Dodger defense.
“I thought I did well by keeping the ball low and trusting my defense,” said Raska on his performance.
The Tall Oak Tree in Raska showed again why he’s one of Salem’s Top Pitchers as the lefty went seven-and-a-third for the win (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
Doten points to them doing what they’ve been doing with the bats and to not let the little things effect them defensively as they did Monday as a defensive unit.
“We just need to keep hitting the ball over the plate, on defense letting the other team hit it and just let our defense work, and just keep hitting the ball like we have,” said Doten.  “We mesh really well on defense, we know how to play with each other and it’s just a matter of picking each other up when someone makes an error, picking that guy up and keep the defense rolling.”
The Dodgers homestand was short lived as they go down to West Albany High School Tuesday for a nine-inning and seven-inning doubleheader versus these same Southpaws starting at 4pm.
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Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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