Scio Girls Basketball Gaining Valuable Experience

By Jeremy McDonald

NEWBERG, Ore.–With two seniors on this upcoming season in McKenzie Reger and Katelyn Gray, this summer is serving as vaulable experience for the seniors to lead the youngsters this summer and build some confidence for the season as a Scio Lady Logger squad this coming winter.

With them competing in the Small School/JV Division of the Geroge Fox University tournament, White brought up some of the middle schoolers to get some experience along with the high school players to help everyone, wheither a current Scio player or soon-to-be here in a few years, the experience facing this type of talent is still benefical regardless.

“The younger kids just coming out and playing the upper divisions, you know we play 5A/6As and they’re getting experience playing at the upper level with our older kids so it’ll help them when they get into high school level,” said Scio Girls Head Coach Jim White. “We got a couple of seventh-graders, a couple of eighth-graders and a couple of seniors, we haven’t practiced much but the experience is going to be very helpful for these guys.”

“It’s getting there, we got a lot of younger kids, it’s kind of hard for the seniors, they got to mesh with the seventh-graders now, but I think it’s going to help us in the long run.  But we’re very young.”

White is excited with how the younger kids are continuously excited to come out and practice and play against these higher level of competition.

Higher level of competition is something White is challenging the team with this summer because it’ll make them better by learning from their mistakes as they go along.

“The younger kids, they’re ready to go, they want to play, they’re having fun.  Like I told them, we’re going to make mistakes, but it’s ok.  It’s how you react to your mistakes is what I’m looking at,” said White.  “We’re going to make mistakes all day long, I’m going to make mistakes, but it’s how we react to them.

“And they’re responding well, it’s taking them the summer to get used to play the bigger teams because we’re playing up for the whole summer and they’re having fun, they’re running a lot.  They’re coming to all the pracitces and to all the camps that we’re having so I think it’s going to bow well for us.

Few pictures from Sunday morning’s game at George Fox University by Jeremy McDonald


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