Dodgers Bats Explode Late in 20-9 win Sunday

By Jeremy McDonald

WILSONVILLE, Ore.–Entering the 8th the South County Knights were rallying against Withnell after dodgers hot 8-1 start.

Up 10-7 with a charging Knights coming their way noah boatwright called for his team to come together in between innings for his team to wake up with their bats once again.

“It was good, we needed Boatwright to pull us in tell us that  because as soon as we did that, no outs we started the ball well and getting guys in,” said Nick Raska who went 3-for-4 and a team-high 4 RBIs in the game.
And they sure found their groove again with their bats scoring 10 runs over the eighth and ninth innings to seal the deal from an offensive standpoint.
“We knew they were coming in so we had to do something and we did it,” adds Hunter BeDoya on the bats as the Salem Academy Grad had two sacrifice flies go for RBIs in the game.
Defensively, it was an unfamiliar name who helped put the ball in play for the defense behind him.
That guy was Tanner Sorensen.
“I mean I only had one strikeout so it was just a lot of throwing the ball over the plate and just letting our defense make the plays.  It was pretty easy when you got the defensive behind you,” said Sorensen who threw six innings for the Dodgers Sunday.
Up next for Withnell is their league opener versus the Mid-Valley Southpaws at Willamette University Monday afternoon at 5pm.
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Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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