North Marion 2-0 On Day 1 of George Fox University Tournament

By Jeremy McDonald

NEWBERG, Ore.–Having lost twice all summer long, the North Marion Lady Huskies have been on a role this summer as they bridge their sixth-place finish this past season to the 2017-2018 season.

But, dating back to last summer when Head Coach Trevor Bodine came in, you could already see a difference in what 365 days made alone up to this point.

“A lot of improvement between each individual  and team-work,” said Lindy Wing on how the summers coming along. “Our teamwork has improved a lot.”

And that teamwork really was on showcase on Day one of the George Fox University going 2-0 in two big wins being some strong play as well.

“We were hitting our shots, but we got some girls doing good.  We got good rotation with the ball, we played good team basketball,” said Hannah Kinniburgh on how the team looked through the first day.

“It’s really good because we’re building as a program and each individual has their part and as a team we’re growing and helping us with our season (ahead),” adds Wing.

With games at 9am and 7:45 at night, the trick will be turning-and-burning in the morning but also too gear it up for a late-nighter to again go 2-0 on the day with the mindset in mind of one thing:


“To hopefully keep improving and to get to the Championship bracket becuase that’ll be pretty cool,” said Wing. “I know summer ball doesn’t really matter, it’s just getting us better and us knowing that we can play as a team and do pretty good.

“So with us getting into the Championship bracket, face some pretty tough teams so that’s preparing us for school ball.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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