Fresh-Blood Does Work Versus St. Paul JV

By Jeremy McDonald

ST. PAUL, Ore.–  With all but two being Freshman, the Gervais JV team surely made St. Paul work for their 36-35 win in Friday’s Summer Basketball game.

Varsity Head Coach Ben Schultz, who sat in for the Head Role for the JV Game, was impressed with how this young team preformed all game long despite being down 20-12 at halftime.

“The whole game they played well really, I mean it’s really about, especially with JV when you have all but two people on your squad are incoming freshman,” said Schultz.  “They played well, we threw in a press that they’ve never practiced ever and they did well.

“We threw in a couple of new offensive plays and see if they can learn on the fly and they did it for the most part.”

Entering the second half, running a full-court press of sorts against the Buckaroos, the Cougars slowly climbed back into the game, eventually taking a 21-20 lead as they once led 29-23 with 11 minutes to go in the second half as the youngsters tried to showcase to the Man at the Varsity helm what they can do even before try-outs for this upcoming season.

“I think they have a couple of juniors and at least four or five sophomores out there and a couple of incoming freshman,” Schultz said of St. Paul’s JV.  “But every game, as long as we keep battling  game, that’s all I could ask for and them playing together too because they’re going to be mixed.  They’re going to have some guys who are sophomores and maybe a junior that’s going to play you, so you got to get used to it.”

Head Coach Ben Schultz drawing up a play as Gervais made a rally in the second-half versus St. Paul (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The Bucks rallied back, but Gervais JV’s kept toe-and-toe-with St. Paul as they came down to the final shot with the Buckaroos went up one with eight seconds to go and the Cougs having the ball in their possession; the JVs were hoping to duplicate what their Varsity did versus McNary’s JV Wednesday night.

But, though they fought trying to get that dagger of that shot, they couldn’t land that killer-blow; however, though they didn’t pull out the victory, being in that situation and battling like that as incoming freshman, it builds great things for the season and beyond as they learn and improve moving forward.

“It’s very important because if they can pick it up now and then next year they’ll be better and the year after that in the summer, they’ll be better,” “You know, each summer and regular season, it’s own season.

“So every season, we can get better, wheither it’s in the summer or whenever else season, it’s just great.  Playing ball, that’s all they can there, get out there play with each other, learn the system, helpside and all that, boxing out, it’ll help out.”

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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