Stayton Eagles Football Starts Summer Training

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.– Under the sunny, bright skies at Stayton High School, the football team started their first practice under new Head Coach Randy Nyquist at the helm of the program.

During the get-together after school, Nyquist tossed everything and the kitchen sink at them with a few plays and repping them out like a bench press on max day, but the Eagles know it’ll pay off at the end.

“It’s good for us, It’s good to have all that info kind of thrown at us because we’re not going to get it down first day but when coach starts bringing it up more it’s going to start clicking and start…getting comfortable,” said Aidan Hill.  “It’s going to get easier and easier and as we kind of move forward, it’s not going to be perfect, it’s first day and everyone’s going to screw up, everyone’s going to make mistakes.

“But as we keep pushing forward, all that stuff is going to keep clicking and it’s just going to get easier and easier; and that’s how we’re hoping this first week goes before we get into the real deal stuff.”

But it shouldn’t take too long for them to get used to the rate in which Nyquist is throwing everything at them during their sessions on the turf field over the next four-or-so-weeks will help Stayton understand their new coaches systems and each little faucet within those plays to help

“I think it’s going to be crucial to learn a lot of stuff that he is giving us now,” said Tony Schoenborn.  “I think we’re going to thrive off of this and build our program off of what coach is teaching us now in these first few weeks, so I think the guys were here today, especially us seniors and those who have been in the program, need to absorb it all so we can spread and know what we’re going to teach the other guys.”

Jerry Daniels (center with ball) running through the line as the Running Back as Daniels will be one of the seniors on this team this upcoming season (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

As for that senior leadership, it’ll be just as crucial not just for these next couple of weeks as they learn the plays and grow as a unit, but when two-a-days start in August, the first game around the end of August and the season soon after that.

And Hill points out further the importance of the senior leadership as something that the program as lacked over the past few years.

“I think it’s crucial for the underclassmen because that is something that has been difficult for Stayton to kind of absorb in the past few years with senior classes coming in and out and to someone taking the extra step and taking on the challenge to be a leader and be that captain,” starts Hill.

“So I think for the senior class, it’s definitely hard-core crucial that seniors start coming out and starting to get a hang of stuff so they can be leaders and they can go the extra mile to help the younger kids out or take that step and be that captain on the team; because again, Stayton hasn’t really had a class with many of those in the last few years and it’s something we’re trying to change the culture here.”

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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