Two-Minutes As Scots Go 2-0 on Day

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  The ‘system’ that Dean Sanderson runs is beyond running up and down the court at a supersonic-pace, but the strategy is to string all of that together for moments to make a decisive run.

And as they had a rollercoaster-isc day versus Woodburn and Marshfield, defeating the Bulldogs by double-figures earlier in the afternoon, the McKay Scots found themselves down ten with nine-minutes left in a running clock 20 minute half to a Pirates team that were looking to take advantage of the Scots missed shots.

But McKay sailed on the course and slowly chipped away at the Marshfield lead.

“It’s nice to see that we got some leaders who, even when it’s going really poorly, we don’t panic and we continue to play, continue to play.  We missed a ton of shots, we were really stagnant and we’ve haven’t worked on a lot of things, which is probably my fault early on in the summer,” said Sanderson.


Slowly, behind Khyler Beach and Ryan Bangs leading the way with their hockey-line-isc groups, by the 7:37 mark remaining in the game a once double-digit Pirate lead was now a Scots one-point lead.

The McKay Bench during Saturday’s games at Sprague High School (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

That lead then grew to five or so with the game clock running down to five to go in the game as they were slowly built some momentum from it by holding Marshfield to minimal gains on the lead that McKay held for the remainder of the game.

“We’re not focused on sets or our zone offense or anything like that yet,” said Sanderson. “we’re really focusing on running up and down the floor and playing really hard and taking opportunities to aggressive defensively and they continue to do that and then we have a what?  A two-minute stretch there where we went on a 8-, or 9-0 run and flipped the game around.

“So that’s why we run the system that we do is that your hoping for those moments and we got it and we were able to carry it out from there.”

Bangs echos his coach’s comment as it was great to end the day like that, but know they can improve on that as they head back to Sprague for games at 5pm and 6:10pm Sunday evening.

“It was cool ending like that, Khyler came in really clutch getting us the lead and we were able to play good together and build off of it,” said Bangs.  “We can build of all the negatives, we got to learn from them and just know that we got to keep doing the things right, we got to keep doing that.”

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald




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