McKay Ends Camp On A High Note Friday

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  After a week of hard-work on the grass of their baseball-softball outfields, the McKay Football team ends what was a great start to their summer training session and to the end of another school year Friday afternoon.

“The reason why we’re doing this is because we want some interest in football, we want these kids to have interest in some good old football, want to be out here playing football and want them to like it,” said Head Coach Josh Riddell.  “So that’s why we’re out here.

“At the same time, we have some work to do, so we’re putting some work in and having fun and flying around and we’re ending it on a good note.”

As they finished some 7-on-7, offense versus defense, to start practice; it ended on a fun play between Khyler Beach and Ryan Bangs as Beach nabbed the ball from a stretched out hands of Bangs to end the session to cheers by the team.

“It was fun,” said Ryan Bangs on the battle.  “Me and Khyler, we’ve been good friends since we were little so it’s alright, we’ll get over it.”
As for whos bettwr in basketball, Bangs is still holding hope for him in that front.
“Oh definitely me,” smiled and laughed Bangs.
Ryan Bangs (white shirt) and Khyler Beach (Black Shirt) going up for the ball at about the half-way point of practice Friday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

As for improvement, there’s some present as they’re entering the first full summer under Riddell’s reign with excitement for the sport, for the things to come; is steadily building as they enter their summer workouts.

“I think we got a lot better because we’re starting to know who’s going to be on offense and who’s going to play defense and we’re starting to connect with each other ,” said Anthony Tenorio.  “I mean we’re getting a better head start than we did last year.

“I’m excited because we have a lot better schedule, like we know what to expect and all that.  I’m excited since the season has barely starting and we’ve got a lot of things going good for us, so I’m excited.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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