Amity Girls Basketball Starts Summer Ball Thursday

By Jeremy McDonald

MT. ANGEL, Ore.–Summer basketball, there’s something always fun about it.

You get to ball out with the girls once more and while being serious in trying to build some momentum for the following Winter Season, there’s still some idea of laid-backness to it as you play out there on the court of play.

“I like it a lot, it’s a team experience where we get to grow as a team,” said Morgan Croxford on playing summer basketball.  “I feel like every time we go out to play, we’re just going to improve more and more every time.”

With a few practices under them before going into Thursday’s games, they did pretty well in their first time out as their games versus the Lady Trojans and Lady Cats gives them something to work upon entering next week.

Shooting was one that soon-to-be-senior Keeley Graham points out as they were slow out of the gate versus Gervais to find their groove as they traded shots with the Cougars in the second half of their second-game on the night.

“First game (versus Kennedy), we came out ready to play, but second game I don’t know if it was just because we were tired or what, but we didn’t play to our potential,” said Keeley Graham.  “Most just practicing on our shots and just getting to know what our weakness’ and strengths are within the team and just using them to our advantage.”

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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