Takeaways from Monday’s 2-all Draw

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–Walking away from their two-all draw there’s a lot to draw from as the Timbers U23’s prepare for TSS FC Rovers and the Sounders U23’s on the road this Friday and Sunday.

One thing is to start off faster in the beginning 15 minutes as they did in the final 15 minutes.
“We just got to have that intensity right from the start, we have to have energy,” said Gio Magana-Rivera.”We were kind of slow there at first, we just got to bring that into the first 15 minutes and we’ll be a better team.”
To start, their defense was pressured by Lane United FC by initially a possessive and attacking front that turned into more of a physically presence for the remainder of the contest as the Timber’s U23 settled in tying it with goals by Zeron Sewell at the end of the first half and Timur Zhividze in the final ten minutes of the game in the 2-2 draw at McCulloch Stadium Monday Night.
Zeron Sewell (left) and Rey Ortiz (right) celebrating Sewell’s goal at the end of the first-half (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
With their defense, they want to push tempo back to the midfield and to their front-line as the Timbers U23 squad did numerous times, denying LUFC on several occasions from putting additional pressure on Goalie Jordan Farr as the Corban University goalie made four saves in the game.
“We see a lot of offense, different styles and formations and today, they came out like a 4-2-2-2 and yeah they pressed us a lot,” starts Niko De Vera. “And us as a back- 

line we like to go forward as much as we can as a outside back, but they had good through-balls, good long-balls from different angles.

“I mean that was a first time for us in a couple of games and I guess we got to be ready for everything in the incoming games.”
In their upcoming games, TSS Rovers FC (Friday) sit last in the conference entering Monday night games before taking on the Sounders FC U23’s again in a rematch Sunday as the Sounders sit towards the top of the Northwest Conference with Calgary.
After a slow start to the game, the Timbers U23 slowly picked up the pace and found their groove late in the game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
To prepare for those two contest, the little things need to be noted as they go back to Training for these next two games as those little things will help decide the bigger things during the game.
“I think taking every detail seriously, just working on the little details because that builds up towards the end of the game,” said Zhividze.  “If we don’t take the little things (seriously), take it for granted, then we get scored on.    In this league, every team is quality, so you get punished for every little mistake that you make.  Just work on little details.
“I think if we play a little quicker, passing it a little around.  We, especially in our attack, we’re not the biggest guys; Gio, Rey and myself and guys like us who are under 5’9, I think we can play a little quicker, passing and with our quickness we can punish teams with that, with little counter attacks, going around them without getting physical with them.”
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Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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