Izzy Being Izzy

By Jeremy McDonald


EUGENE, Ore.– Donning a new haircut that makes him look like a skinnier Manny Miranda from the side, Israel Garza took advantage of the Aerodynamics of it to qualify for the 100 meter and 200 meter races at the State Meet at Hayward Field.

It’ll be his second time in both final events as the junior takes lessons learned from last year and incorporates them into this years finals apperance.

“I feel more confident than I did last year,” “Coming in, it’s my third-year here so I got a little more confidence and I think that’s going to help me.

“I think it’s a good start for me, going back…I mean I’m going back, it feels great  I’m trying to do bigger things than I did last year.”

Garza trying to catch his breathe following the 100 meter race (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Garza qualified for the 100 meters in 10.90 seconds and 21.67 in the 200 meter race as the junior is excited about what is to come.

“I’m excited, I’m definitely excited,” laughed Garza.

Garza will start his race schedule with the 4×100 meter relay at 1:10pm and will have his 100 meter final at roughly 2:36pm and his 200 meter race at roughly at 3:58pm.

As for the Lady Scots 4×100 team, they’ll race at roughly in the timeframe of 12:46 or 12:50pm.


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