Gervais Baseball Senior’s Last Stand

By Jeremy McDonald

SCIO, Ore.–  Coming out the dugout for the Top of the seventh-inning, Gervais’ Derrick Jaramillo looks over to Andrew Sullivan and says with a smile and said something in the lines of, ‘Last At-Bat’ to his fellow senior Cougar.

For the first three innings, Gervais battled Salem Academy with the score tied three-all after smart batting allowed the Crusaders to walk two in to tie the game at the score.  The Crusaders and the Cougs knew what their destiny’s were, Salem Academy was to host a PacWest Conference playoff game Thursday and Gervais’ season was done after Tuesday.

But the Cougars weren’t going to rollover and call it a season so easily, and despite allowing six runs entering the seventh, the Crusaders had to work for them against the senior-heavy Cougars team wanting to end their High School careers on a high note down 9-3 entering their final three outs of possibly of their careers.

The first-baseman Jaramillo steps into the batters box for his last at-bat, and on a 1-1 pitch, rips a shot down the right field line for a stand-up double.

Calen Bichsel (17) looking on after his single, the third-straight hit in the inning for Gervais Monday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Next was the Catcher, number eight in Sullivan and on his first pitch he saw sends it the same direction sending Jaramillo home from second, 9-4 Salem Academy.

Then it was Calen Bichsel’s turn, and on a 1-2 count and on his fifth-pitch of the at-bat, the third-baseman sends a laser at Devon BeDoya at first-base to load up the bases with no outs.

“It’s great, all the seniors getting on board, like back-to-back-to-back.  It was awesome,” said Jaramillo on the bats coming to life.

It was great to see them getting all these hits mention Jaramillo as he hopes that the few underclasseman on Varsity can take it with them next season of not giving up.

“It’s important not to give up in a baseball game,” said Jaramillo who went 1-for-4 in his final game in the blue and gold.  “Just going out there, we just knew we needed to hit, we knew it could be our last At-bats ever.  We knew we needed to make it big, not just for us but for the team to leave a mark for them.”

“I’m just proud of everybody to be able to hit like that, and it hurts that the season is over, (but) it’s great to get out here and get some hits to finish off possibly your baseball career.” adds Bichsel, who went 1-for-3 with a walk Monday. “I think they should look a lot on us, especially the least experienced guys, we’ve talked to them the entire year and they should be able to come in next year and do a better than us.”

Derrick Jaramillo (23) and Bichsel (17) fist-bumping after Jaramillo scored after Sullivan’s double (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Gervais were seemingly more-or-less telling the Crusaders, ‘Your going to have to physically take this damn bat out of my hands’ with their last stand as they challenged Jadon Mansur to come after them; going with five, six-pitch at-bats, fouling off pitches as well.

The Cougars hacked at some of the strikes, but some were too close to call from their end as Mansur picked up the last two strikeouts to put a end to the threat Gervais was giving them, ending the game and the Cougars season all-in-one.

But, as the seniors came together for one last picture with each other, as if they were family and siblings; that’s what they’re going to miss after Monday.

“The bond between each other, we’re all brothers and we all get close to each other everyday,” said Jaramillo.  “We spend hours with each other, it’s great.  I’m going to miss that.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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