Everetts, Garza Repeat With GVC Awards

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  It’s easy to see McKay’s Israel Garza being up for Male Track Athlete of the Year with some big names in the Salem and the Greater Valley Conference.

Winning once is great, but winning it back-to-back years?  The junior said it’s an honor with how everyone thought of him to vote for him in the two-years he’s won the award.

“It’s a honor, I appreciate that they voted for me and all that, it motivates me a lot,” said Garza.  “Getting it again, it feels better getting it two-years in-a-row and I just got to appreciate it.”

And that’s all he’s looking at it as, something to be appreciative about, but Garza isn’t going to shove it in peoples faces that he won it again or in general because he’s remembering why he even got it in the first place.

“I’m not trying to use it as cockiness or anything like that, but I just got to focus on right now and I got to do my thing and hopefully go out there and win,” said Garza.

Curt Everetts (grey sweatshirt) and Jason Zellick (green shirt) during Monday’s practice (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Head Coach Curt Everetts has the same thought process as Garza does when it comes to him winning the Co-Coach of the year award again for the second year in a row, saying that it’s those around him whether it’s his coaches or the athletes like a Garza or the relay teams that helped him get to this point.

“It’s pretty cool, it’s humbling.  The real praise goes to all the assistant coaches and the kids.  If the kids do well, then I’m happy, I don’t need a award but it is a honor and it’s humbling,” said Everetts.

As for seeing Garza and one of his assistants in Coach Ford winning the Assistant Coach of the Year, it gives the program a sense of pride to the program and shows what the program stands for as the Scots prepare for the State Meet later this week.

“It’s pretty cool because it gives the kids a sense of pride even though we didn’t win the ‘Team’-titles, but taking some hardware home is nice,” said Everetts.  “The kids are like, ‘hey that’s my coach.  That’s my teammate’ and it makes them feel good and it also makes us feel good being one out of nine schools to take home three of the categories, it’s cool.

“The skies the limit now.  It says that we’re working hard, we’re building the relationships with the other schools, the other coaches so that everyone knows that McKay’s a hardworking, honest team that just wants to go out there and compete.”


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