Cascade Softball Rallies to Defeat North Marion To End Season

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.–  In both team’s final go-around for the season, North Marion carried the rally they had against Stayton Wednesday into Friday’s make-up versus Cascade, leading at one point by five-or-so runs.

But, the Lady Cougars responded as they have in a few games earlier this year, with a nine fourth-inning runs to take the lead over the Huskies.

The Rallying of The Bats is something they can carry into next season said Camryn Boyles.

“We just got to keep talking,” said the freshman.  “Because as soon as you get a hit and you get talking, you get more energy and you focus more and you just get more hits.”

The Lady Huskies got it to a 9-8 deficit and kept the score to a manageable range until the bottom of the sixth when the bats of Cascade rallied and kept the Lady Cougars up for good in the 13-9 win.

For seniors like Kyra Christensen, it was a great way to go out

“It was amazing,” said Christensen.  “The girls, they all pulled through and it turned out to be a amazing game and I’m proud to be at Cascade.”

On the other side, it was a bitter sweet ending to a good career in the Green and White of North Marion, but the improvement from the first game to game 19 was almost as statisfying as anything else.

“It kind of sucks that we didn’t make it to the playoffs, but we improved through this season.  We fixed the mistakes that we had, we’ve improved a lot actaully,” said Sonia Jimenez.

“At the beginning at the season, we had a few girls playing once, this is only their second year, and we’ve improved a lot.  Leaving this season is sad because we didn’t get far, but it’s also good ebcause everyone’s improved and I can trust that we will be ok next year.”

On the Lady Cougs side, there’s the same idea as Cascade were in the playoffs just a few years-ago.

“To never give up,even though it may seem hard,” said Christensen.  “You just have to pull through and dig deep into yourself and realize that you have a team of players, a team of girls who have your back.

“And it’s not just you out there, and to give it your all.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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