Downtown Brown and Saxons Shutdown Olys

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– If Ryan ‘Downtown’ Brown was considered a ‘fearful’ hitter before, it might be time to consider him as a ‘fearful’ pitcher as well following six shutout innings after shutting down the bats of a powerful Sprague team.

There was fire there from Brown, the South Salem team as a whole, following how Friday’s game versus McNary ended as the team added that fire to the fire they had following how their first game versus the Olympians ended on April 27.

Being new to the rivarly, Brown knew how much this game was for his team when he took the mound Saturday.

“Personally, I had a certain kind of fire to come out tonight and beat Sprague.  I didn’t really knew about the rivalry until now and that really fueled me,” said Brown on his drive.  “I threw that game for my teammates and that loss yesterday really fueled it today.

“I was so mad yesterday, I didn’t get a hit yesterday, I didn’t do my part.  Today I felt like I had to do a little more extra, so I threw my ass off.”

Collin Vogt taking home on Aaron Zavala’s Sac-Fly in the Top of the 7th (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Brown threw heat with passion and control and with infield, outfield and beast catcher in Aaron Zavala holding Sprague to one hit as Elijah Enomoto-Haole and Gavin Fredinburg came in for relief and continued the trend that the sophomore Brown and the defense set entering the final inning.

“All the pitchers pitched great today, they all did their jobs today obviously pitching a shutout.  I don’t know how many hits they gave up, but obvioulsy good enough to get a shutout like I said,” said Zavala.

Speaking of Zavala, the junior catcher was involved with the bats coming to life late in the game with a RBI hit as the Saxons scored five runs in the Top of the Seventh inning to add some cushion for Enomoto-Haole and Fredinburg in the victory.

“We just came out and everyone just wanted this game and everyone came out with energy,” said Zavala.  “Pregame we had a talk that I think fired all of us up and we all came out ready to go and kept it going for the whole game.”

Enomoto-Haole, besides his one strikeout to go with Frediburg’s one and Brown’s seven, had a big two-run single in the inning as South took a 6-0 lead and win to the clubhouse.

With a lot of arms that went this week as South finished 4-1 in their ‘Marathon’-week, they know this win will help out with a pair with McMinnville that’s featured with the last week of Greater Valley Conference-play.

“This will help us for next week, it’s a tough week for us, we threw a lot of people this week, but we threw well and this will carry momentum into the next week,” said Brown, who went 2-3 and a walk after going hit less Friday at home.

“I think we need to learn what we did right from this game because we did a lot of things great today,” adds Zavala.  “And we need to take those into the next games and build on each win and hopefully win out for the rest of the year.”

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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