One Last Meet

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  It was a pitch perfect day for the seniors of the Sprague High School Track and Field team to perform at home one last time for their prep career.

Yeah, it was a tad warmer than what they were used to this season, but hey, it’s Olympic Stadium.

“It’s a weird feeling , you just got to keep looking week-to-week, it really hasn’t set in that much that it’s almost over,”  said Kyle Rosenau.  “Yeah, you just got to come out every week and compete just like every other week.”

And Rosenau competed well with fellow ‘Kings of Throw’ teammates Austin Kleinman and Dylan Smith in the shotput.  Smith (50-feet-five-inches) finished first, Kleinman second (48-feet-even) and Rosenau third (45-feet-3.50-inches).  Smith took the Javelin at the JV level by a PR toss of 131-feet-four-inches.

Kleinman and Rosenau finished one-two in the discus as Rosenau knows how important this time was spending it with Kleinman as they pushed each other in every practice and every meet.

“It was just luck of the draw, we’re both up there with the throws and we’re pushing each other every single day so,” said Rosenau on Kleinman.  “I don’t know, I wouldn’t be as good as I am today without him, so it’s cool.”

Fellow senior Keaton Beckman, like Rosenau, has goals set ahead with Districts next Wednesday and Firday at West Albany High School as both and the rest of the seniors look to finish their Olympian careers just right.

“I’m excited about competing this year, it’s my last year now, seeing what I can do with the best in High School, see if I can set anymore records,” said Beckman.  “Yeah it’s pretty exciting. it’s not too sad or what not because I am running in college.  Still one last time and all that with high school friends, get one last good meet with them and have a good time.”

Beckman, though working through the fine details with Districts coming up next week, jumped 21’5.5″ in Wednesday’s Meet (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Beckman took the Long Jump at 21-feet-5.5-inches and the 200 meter race in 23.16 seconds.  Other seniors that did well include Eric Martin 11-feet-6-inch PR at Pole Vault to take the event.  Dane McKinney took third in the Varsity Javelin.  Lexie Harman finished fourth in the Javelin on the girls end and Kendal Baus finished fourth in the 100 in 13.84 seconds.

From the underclassmen end, Ginger Murnieks overcame a overly fast start to PR in the 1500 with a 4:40.80 time as the sophomore looks to make her Track and Field Districts debut after a tough ending to her freshman year last year with a tough injury.

“I just wanted to make sure I do my best this year because I know I won’t be healthy every year,” said Murnieks. “You may get that one time so you want to do your best when you have it.”

Cross Country teammate Kaylee Mitchell, who’s been adjusting to the 6A competition and has won each of her 800 meter races this year that includes a 2:16.39 PR as she works on the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ from every meet to help her improve with the District Meet next week.

“Well, you just take every single meet and figure out what went wrong and what went right and fix stuff that went wrong so they can be more right the next time,” “And every time, it’s just a practice for the big meets.  So it’s just having fun and give it all you got.

“I’m really excited, it’s going to be really fun.  I’m really excited for the team and everyone.”

For full results, visit:

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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