Sharpening Up The Tools With Four Games To Go

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  By halftime of their game versus South Salem, the West Salem Lacrosse team found themselves up 9-0 on the Saxons; but the story wasn’t even about the win that was about to happen, but to come out sharp and stay sharp.

In the halftime huddle, Head Coach Sean Litrakis challenge his team to come out mentally sharper for the second half than they were in the first half and re-literate that at the end of the game considering who was in front of them to close out the regular season.

“Again as I told you we do our best to not take any team lightly,” said Litrakis.  “Any team can win on any given day, so we got to come out there and play our game and be tough and do what needs to be done to win.

“So tonight we tried to focus on things we need to focus on and working the ball and be calm and possessing.  Come Friday we better come and bring because West Albany will be tough.”

In the second half of Tuesday’s game, the Titans focused up a bit more as they jumped out further to 15-0  in their 15-1 victory as they close out the season against West Albany twice (Friday and May 12), Rival-Sprague next Tuesday and Corvallis at Corvallis to close out the regular season on May 16th.

“We certainly could’ve done a few things better, all-and-all I can’t be disappointed with the effort but in the quest for a great season, the coach wants to see perfection, that’s never going to happened but there’s a few things we could’ve done better,” said Litrakis.

And for the West Salem Lacrossers, they are taking to heart on what their coach is saying as they look to end the season as strong as they can for the Postseason.

“We just need to focus up in practice, we need to work harder, I think it’s just we play down to peoples level and we need to quit doing that,” said Wyatt Livengood. “We need to play up to our potential.”

The first face-off against the Bulldogs at West Albany High School is slated for 7pm.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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