Casarez, 4×400 team Battles In Stayton Twilight

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  Injuries are no fun, espically trying to compete to your fullest potential on it.

Though she strained her Soleus (calf) muscle, Olivia Casarez competed and competed well on the injury Saturday afternoon at the Stayton Twilight meet.

The sophomore had a season best 51.05 in the 300 meter hurdles as she finished third after finished 17th in the 100 meter hurdles earlier in the meet and helped the 4×100 team finish third in the meet

“Being as injured as I am, pretty good, I’m only a second off from my overall PR right now which I got at the Regis Twilight last year,” said Casarez. “So next week, hopefully, I make it but did pretty good.”

Her PR in the event is a 49-flat during that Regis Twilight event she mentioned and been steadily getting close to that average mark of 50-seconds that she was clocking in at as a freshman last season.

Alyssa Smart (left) and Olivia Casarez (right) talking before the 300 meter Hurdles Saturday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“Overall, aside from a little mess-up I had in the 100, pretty good,” said Casarez.  “In the 100 meter run, my shoe came untied and I stepped on it, I just stopped because I couldn’t really move my leg. I just had to step over, ended up getting last but what can you do about it at this point…you got to laugh at it.”

There was adernaline pumping through Casarez at the end of the night as she geared up for one last race with the girls as part of the 4×400 team with Noelia Sandoval, Bridget Spencer and Alyssa Smart as the sophomore Casarez helped the Lady Eagles squad finish second in the race with a time of 4:23.66.

Casarez, Sandoval and Smart all helped the Stayton 4×100 team finish third in the 4×100 race as Sandoval finished second in the 400 meters (1:03.84), Spencer PR’d in the Javelin (72-feet-5-inches) and Smart finished fourth in the 100 meter hurdles.

The 4×400 relay team on the guys side, after being pushed back to the ‘faster’ heat that featured McKay and Scio, set a goal out for themselves of 3:38 to be up there with the Oregon West Conference leading 4×400 team in Philomath as they wait and lined up for their race.

Jacob Classen looking over to the start line before the start of the 4×400 race (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Though the team of Jacob Classen, Jacobe Croff, Noah Daily and Cade Nau finished fourth and two seconds off their goal (3:40.64), facing the likes of the Scots, Westside Christain and the Loggers (who all finished first through third respectively), it gave them some perspective moving forward with Districts on the horizon.

“Well just seeing the guys out here that are blazing fast, just look at Scio, they’re a smaller school than us and their running a great time this season which is phemonal,” said Classen.   “But we want to beat that and having them beat us out here, it puts a little bit of a chip on our shoulder.

“So we have to come out here, (just like) every other 4×4, and just dominate.”

For Classen, Croff and Daily, they helped the Eagles 4×100 team finish third in the meet Saturday as 4×100 teammate Jarred Boedigheimer, won the High Jump (6-feet) as Lauren Baddeley (34-feet-6-inches, Shot-Put) and the Stayton Guys finished second (Casey Pugh), third (Matthew Frazuer) and fifth (Ben Kirby) in the 3,000 meters.

For Full Results Visit:

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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