Coaches Vs. Throwers Relay At Senior Day

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–Senior Night is something special across the board as Schools recongize their Seniors at home last last time.

Unique as it is, something even more unique happened to start the meet as a Senior sang the National Anthem with Marquita Ignacio-Ritchey.

“I don’t really tell people that I sing and so it was kind of fun, I was like, ‘you know, this week I audition for Senior Speech, I ran the 4×1 today and you know what?  I’m going to sing and I’m going to do something that makes me feel uncomfortable’,” she said.

“And it made me really confident today which is kind of nice.”

As the meet moved on as both teams prepare for their respective Big Meets on Friday, it was the ending of the meet that was the most interesting way to end it.

With two teams of coaches and one of throwers, it was a great way to end Senior Day with some fun and some trash-talking.

Head Coach Curt Everetts saying something before the Coaches/Throwers Race (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“Oh it’s awesome, we talk about this over the summertime,” said Track and Field Head Coach Curt Everetts.  “We talk about, ‘hey next year we’re going to do this, we’re going to do this’.  These jerseys (that Head Wrestling Coach Troy Thomas and Everetts were wearing) were from 1985.  So I found them and it’s fun, the kids like it and it’s a goodbye to the seniors and get ready for Championship season.”

The gun goes off, and the throws crew jumped out to the immediate lead in the opening 100 meters before having that gap closed down over the next 200 meters by the one of the two coaches group entering the final leg between Zair Ku Beiza and Track and Field Head Coach Curt Everetts.

Ku Beiza got the baton first and exploded out for the lead, but though Everetts is pushing half-a-century he got it to spitting distance by the time Ku Beiza crossed the finish line.

“Oh amazing, apparently their undefeated, and so we beat them!,” said Ku Beiza.  “That last leg, oh I felt (Everetts) catching up and I was like, ‘Ok Zair.  Do you want to lose or do you want to win?’ and I was like ‘Ok, I want to win this’.”

Zair Ku Beiza trying to hold off Coach Everetts in the final 100 meters (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)



“Disappointing, I let my whole team down.  I’m probably going to retire after this,”  said a sad Everetts.  “Hey they’re young, they pulled in a couple of ringers who should’ve been there.  I feel like we really won, and I think they cheated.

“And you guys are getting drug-tested tomorrow, sorry,” Everetts said to the Throwers team jokingly.

Though it’s all fun and games, you know the older runners are hurting already though it was only 100 meters.

“Not fun, running is not fun,” said Head Wrestling Coach Troy Thomas with a smile as him and Everetts team finished second in the relay race.  “Naw, it’s fun.  I like competing with the kids, when I can’t beat them up in wrestling, I guess I try to beat them up on the track.

“I need to go catch my breath, it’s only been what? Two months and I’m already this out of shape?”

While those around them wondered what the heck is up with the 1985 McKay Uniforms that Thomas and Everetts were sporting

“Oh my gosh, the uniforms!  It not the fact that the coaches run, but it’s the uniforms,” Ignacio-Ritchey.  “It’s everytime, it’s the uniforms.  You walk out and your like, ‘oh my god I’ve never seen them wear that’ or ‘Oh no!’.

“I think it was Coach Troy who is the wrestling coach, he came out and I was like, ‘Whoa, that’s a lot of legs’.”

As for a repeat win?  You know Ku Beiza is ready.

“Oh yes, any day, let’s get a repeat,” he said.

Few Pictures From the Meet  and Coaches Race (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)



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