PERFECT GEM: North Marion’s Grant Henry Strikes Out 10 In Feat

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  The Henry Twins have been something special this season for North Marion Baseball.  Whether it’s because of fantastic talent, twin telepathy or a combination of the two; you knew that one if not both will have something extraordinary happen sooner-rather-than-later.

Well, Monday brought Grant Henry’s turn for that, in ways of a Perfect Game against Stayton.

The chances of a Perfect Game is 1 in 18, 192, and that’s just in Pro Baseball, you have a better chance of bowling a perfect game (1 in 137) and hitting a hole-in-one as a amateur golfer (1 in 12, 750) than you do tossing the rare feat.

And though it was a five-inning game Monday, here’s how it went down at Stayton.

After his team took a 1-0 lead on the Eagles entering the bottom of the first, the Sophmore went to work, striking out the side in order of Stayton.

Though Henry struck out 10 of the 15 outs, his defense made it happen whenever he had the ball in play (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

But, Henry knew something felt right about this game coming in for the second inning.

“After the first inning, because I struck out the 1,2,3 in the first inning after that I was, ‘I’m feeling good’,” said Henry on the start of the game. “And it was in the back of my mind but I didn’t want to say it outloud, but I did think about it.”

In the second inning, his offense had his back as they exploded from the batters box and with their baserunning as they picked up seven runs in the frame and countless steals en route to a 11 steal performance as a team on offense.

“We were being aggressive like we should be and we shouldn’t have left off like we did the last two innings and stuff, and we got to play like that every inning,” said Andy Schmitz, the junior was tied with the Henry twins with three stolen bases and had 2 RBIs in the game.

And though they got the next three outs through their defense in the second, Henry picked up a few more K’s in the third, fourth and fifth-innings with the Huskies leading 10-0 entering that crucial fifth inning.

They got that first out and the defense behind Grant Henry were jittery for the sophomore as their coaches told them to stay on their toes.

“I didn’t start to realize the Perfect Game until the last inning came around, I was like, ‘oh we got one out here,’,” said shortstop Dylan Doubrava.  “It was like (expletive), we got a no-hitter going on here.  No one is on base yet, we’ve been going in order the whole time, it was ‘(expletive) one-,two-more outs, that’s a game right there’.

“Once I heard it everyone was like, ‘leave your feet’, I was like ‘Oh (expletive), we can’t get a hit’, do whatever we can, let’s make this a game.  Let’s make it one thing he’s going to remember and that’s what we did.”

Andy Schmitz (Pictured), Griffin Henry and Dylan Doubrava all contributed in helping the Huskie Offense going in Monday’s win (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Facing Ryan Beresford, Henry went into a 3-0 hole and was one bad pitch away from washing the opportunity away.

But a ground-ball back to the pitcher regained the confidence as Henry threw out Beresford at first, tossing the ball to Hunter Schrenk.

“Well the second batter in the last inning I got up to three balls and I had to make him swing it and I did, bounce it back to me and the last one I throwing good after that and just pounding it,” said Henry on the last inning.

Then Henry got the third batter in the order; and though it wasn’t out number 21 nor his team didn’t charge the mound in celebration, perfect through 15 was just as sweet as 21 as the sophomore and his victorious North Marion team met up as a team following the 10-0 victory.

“It’s quite a accomplishment,” said Henry on the feat.  “I mean Randy (Brack) said out there in his 31 years of coaching, he only seen it happen twice so, it’s pretty big.

“It feels great, it’s a really special moment.  I was just up there, feeling the zone and making them swing it.”

Now the question becomes after what kind of encore will we expect out of Grant Henry now that it’s his twin brother Griffin Henry’s turn to do the same.

No Pressure at all haha.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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