Awakening The Beast After Defeat

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  For three-quarters versus a Top 10 team in Summit, the boys of West Salem were toe-to-toe with them outside of some hiccups along the way.

The Storm, who defeated Sprague 17-3 on April 14, were looking to do the same thing going up 6-4 early in the third quarter.

Overcoming some adversity with what Summit was throwing their way, the Titans quickly tied things up at six-apiece entering the fourth quarter and the mentality of a whole new game with it essentially 0-0.

But, fundamental mistakes that plaqued them throughout the game, throughout the contest, haunted West in the final frame as Summit pulled away in the final minutes for the 10-6 victory, snapping West’s five-game winning streak that stretched back to April 6.

“It’s just one of those games every team has one get away and that was our game that got away,” said Goalkeeper John Holmes.  “We couldn’t do anything in the fourth quarter, defensive mistakes, mental mistakes were made, it was bad going down the stretch for the fourth quarter.  But the first three were playing with heart.”

As Holmes eluded to, everyone has one of those days, one of those games that goes against the grain.

For much of the game, it was a match of Phyiscal proportions as both Summit (Green) and West Salem (white) battled with one another (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


But, with the Titan squad that know of their potential to do great things, they’ve seen it before with Canby and Sprague to name a few; now the question becomes how can they respond to this adversity of rebounding from a loss like they did with the Tigard game at the start of the month?

How much will this game re-light that fire they had after the 7-5 loss to the Tigers now after losing to the Storm by four?

“This game made us realize how good of a team we are, and to see the competition coming up, we can’t take every game lightly,” said Holmes.  “This was definitely a game that showed us what our abilities are, especially being able to compete with a Top 10, it was definitely something that’s going to be good for us learning down the stretch, especially going into the playoffs.”

Head Coach Sean Litrakis, who’s been a big component of the next game, told his team after the game that they have seven games to go in the season and what Holmes said echoed what Litrakis told them and what the players told amongst themselves on getting down and back to business.

Now the Lacrosse Mastermind in Litrakis is interested in how his team responds Monday at practice with Mountain View coming to town Tuesday night at 7pm.

“Guys like that lead the team,” said Litrakis of Holmes’ leadership traits as the Senior was one of the guys on the field helping build a comeback.  “I hope these guys have a good time at Prom tonight, stay safe and stay responsible and come out on fire on Monday ready to take on the rest of the season, we got seven games left.

“Here we go!”

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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