Changing It Up At McMinnville And The ‘Throws’ Relay Team

By Jeremy McDonald

MCMINNVILLE, Ore.–  With the monotony of the Mid-Season arriving this week across the State of Oregon; McKay, like many other schools across the board, are changing it up a bit with kids trying new events.

“Just to keep them from getting bored, get tired of the same old thing, just change it up a little bit and find something they may shine in,” said Head Coach Curt Everetts.  “We just like to change things up and give them a fresh outlook and we’re about a month out from conference.  So yeah, just work on our speed and change things up a bit.

Marquita Ritchey and Juan ‘Peanut’ Rangel were part of the fun as Ritchey added the 100 meter dash and Rangel joined the 400 meter run for the second time Wednesday.

“The 100 meter hurdles seem shorter, the 100 meter dash there’s nothing in the way, it’s just you and the finish line so it’s that, ‘this is the bigger obstacle yet’ and just make it as fast as I can to the end,” said Ritchey.  “It’s weird because in the hurdles your heel would touch the ground at times, my heels did not touch the ground until I stopped, and it doesn’t necessarily feel like your running, your kind of flying.  It’s insanely crazy.”

“Overall, it was not too hard,” said Rangel.  “I mean, I ran the 400 in the eighth-grade and you know, it changed a lot as I got into High School.  So getting up to my eighth-grade rhythm that I was at.  I’m still building up, but I have to say, it’s pretty good.”

Juan “Peanut’ Rangel doing the triple-jump as the junior also added the 400 meter run to his event list Wednesday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The Junior Rangel finished fifth (1:03.00) in the 400 and Ritchey would win her heat and would finish sixth (14.72) in the JV race.

In their normal races, Ritchey finished the 300 meter Hurdles race but didn’t register a time and Rangel won the 300 meter hurdles (48.60), eighth in the long jump (15’1″) and third in the triple jump (35’11”).

Israel Garza was well, being Israel by taking the 100, 200 and though receiving a bad hand-off, helped the Scots 4×100 team take first by 0.48 of a second Wednesday.

“No not really,” said Garza with a smile after his 22.69 time and beating second-place finisher and  teammate Avori Miranda by 0.92 of a second.  “I know how to hold my stamina pretty better than I did last year.

“You just got to have a good start, being able to accelerate and finish through, that’s most of it,” Garza continued about his success.


In the 300 meter hurdles guys race, Tyrus Love-Zhou overcame a slow start to the race to overtake the lead from McMinnville’s Quinn Hathaway with two hurdle jumps to go for the win by 0.40 of a second.

“It didn’t feel pretty real until the first curve and I realize, ‘I got to catch those guys’ and I went quick, it took me a extra 100, 200 meters to chase him down,” laughed Love-Zhou.  “I knew he was just in front of me, I just really wanted to PR and past him.  I just keep going until the last hurdle to catch him.”

Sophomore Bailey Bryant finished 5th (JV 100) and 6th (JV 200) in Wednesday’s meet as the Scots JV Girls did well on the track events as the JV Boys did well in the Field events (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)



Love-Zhou finished in 45.01 for his third win in the 300 meter Hurdles.

As for the ‘thrower’ relay team that featured Kevin Her, Adolfo Luna, Zair Ku Beiza and Jackie Rider; though it was an ‘unofficial’ race, the McKay Throwing Four won the race over West Albany to close out the night.

“It was very fun,” said Ku Beiza.  “Most throwers don’t get this experience, I love it because I use to be a sprinter, but now I’m a thrower.  So it’s really fun and I love it.”

For Rider, who runs the 100 meter but admits that the throws are her calling, spoke to how hard it was spur the moment to piece a team together for this fun event.

“Doing the 4×1, I like it because I don’t really do relays,” said Rider. “It’s just really hard cause we’re all like, ‘who wants to do a relay?’ and we just grab people.”

Rider finished fifth in the Javelin with a throw of 77-feet-6-inches as Lua won the shot-put (40-feet-10-inches), Her won the JV shot-put (39-feet-9.5-inches) and Ku Beiza finished sixth in the Varsity shot-put (37-feet-10-inches).

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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