Scots Izzy’s Battle, Sadler and Caldwell Lead PR Group

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– Lining up in the middle rows were two of the OSAA’s Best when it comes to the 100 meter dash.

On one end, you have McKay’s Israel Garza and the other, Beaverton’s Anthony Albright.  They are said to be second and third in the State of Oregon in the event when they lined up for their dash at North Salem High School.

Having raced a few minutes prior in the 4×100 meter race, Albright edged a surging Garza to win by 0.06 of a second, faster than you can blink.

“It was pretty frustrating but you got to get over it, you can’t let that stick in your head,” said Garza.




Lining up, there was some electricity in this State Preview, Albright edged Garza by 0.15 of a second at State in 2016, the difference between Albright’s fourth-place finish and Garza’s sixth-place finish in the 100.

Garza (Left) and Albright (Right) coming out of the blocks in the 100 meter dash Friday afternoon (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It’s fun you know,” describes Garza on facing Albright.  “Meet him again, like we did last year.  He got first last year, he did it again, I’ll congratulate him on that.  It’s definitely fun though competing against him, I’ll see him again at State.”

As Garza eluded to, a fast start off the blocks allowed Albright to set the tempo early as he outlasted the scrawny Garza by 0.22 seconds.

Those block starts are just some of the things Garza knows he needs to look at when he goes back to practice Monday.

“I’ll just have to explode and really push off the blocks,” said Garza.  “I just have to get better at practice and do the little things.  I’m only going to get better and I can’t wait to see him again at State.”

Around the time the junior had his race, teammate Oliver Sadler did something he came so close to so many times in the past:

Clearing the 10’6″ mark on Pole Vault.

Sadler walking back to his bags after making the 10’6 Height (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The senior did just that in the Viking Relays as he walked away from the Pit with a smile on his face.

“It feels amazing getting 10’6, I’ve been trying for a long time since last year,” said Sadler.  “So getting it this year felt really great.”

Sadler was one of a few Scotsmen who accomplished PR’s as sophomore Hanna Caldwell PR’d by 17 seconds in the 3,000 meter run to finish eighth in the event Friday.

“I’m really, really happy for myself, I’ve been waiting a very long time for this.  It’s very exciting and cool,” said Caldwell.  “I know that I can run faster and work harder on pacing myself on every lap and probably get what I want eventually. I know when I have a goal, I can make it.”

The list of people PR-ing or having season-best goes on and on.

As for notables, the 4×100 ‘Dream Team’ finished second behind Beaverton’s team by just 0.06 seconds, but their 4×200 team that features three of those four 4×100 guys, dominated the relay in the win.

The Girls 4×100 team that features Racquel Williams, Cecilia Munoz, Esmeralda Arellano
and Steffani Rodriguez Aquino finished second in the event with a 50.97, just 0.28 off the pace of winner-Sliverton.

Senior Leo Sliva finished fifth in the Javelin with a 144-feet-10-inch throw.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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  1. Daniel says:

    Israel is actually my nephew and I think this article is really good but could do without calling him scrawny, I don’t see the purpose in that?

  2. Mandee says:

    I’m not sure how you can call Israel scrawny. He’s a fit athletic young man. I agree, this article definitely could have done without that.

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