Quick-Hit Write-Up And Photo Gallery: GVC Golf At McNary Golf Course

By Jeremy McDonald


KEIZER, Ore.–  The eighth hole at McNary’s Golf Course was like an peculiar hole for the Girls golfers of  the Greater Valley Conference as even it got to the best of golfers.

It took South’s Ellie Slama six strokes to complete the hole, hitting two trees in the process as McNary’s Hannah Elliot had an 11 and West Salem’s Mary Short and Sprague’s Quincy Beyrouty both shot seven’s on that hole with the Saxon’s Slama and teammate Ashley Zhu were tied on top of the leaderboards with a 38 through nine and McMinnville’s Emma Beyer a stroke behind them with a 39.

Slama was her slamming self in the back nine, shooting a 35, to finish with a 73 in the tournament with Zhu second with a 78 and the Grizzlies Beyer third with a 85 and Beyrouty fourth with a 89.

After a rough eighth-hole, South’s Ellie Slama finished with a 35 and a strong last four holes to the tournament Monday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Thanks to their two aces, South Salem won their third tournament this GVC season with a team score of 384,, Beyrouty and the Olympians were second with a team combined score of 410 and West Albany was third with a team score of 425

Full List Of Reesults:


Emma Beyer 85

Lupa Leja 168

Frances Remmick 115

Grace Bliven 135

Ainsler Patterson 122


Hannah Elliott 107

Emma John 135

Juralee Stover 117

Baily True 154

Carly McElhaney 156

West Salem’s Irelyn Stanley finished with a 127 after shooting a 61 in the front nine (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

South Salem

Ellie Slama 73

Ashley Zhu 78

Mak Gentry 122

Chantel Gallick 117

Zia Habekost 131

West Salem

Mary Short 103

Ayle Armstrong 118

Brittany Luney 117

Claudia Hook 116


Quincy Beyrouty 89

Resse Sherwood 104

Natalie Bock 99

Jackie Stuart 118

Haylee Iodice 119

McKay’s Reina Garcia finished the day with a 125 as she shot a 61 in the front nine and a 67 on the back nine (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Taylor Hanson 96

Anna Schwitzer 97

Hannah McClure 104

Bailey Backer 132

Madelyn Moyes 128


Kate Colter 106

Hailey Peterson 108

Hannah Lindsay 129

Makayla Sullivan 147

Megan Buehler 114


Reina Garcia-125



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