0-60: Elisa Kanoff’s Final Go-Around

By Jeremy McDonald


STAYTON, Ore.–  She’s speedy like a Ferrari, perhaps a Lamborghini.  Whatever you may want to refer her as, Cascade’s Elisa Kanoff’s been finding a way to Git ‘Er Don the past few years on the track.

Having started track as a sophomore, Kanoff went to the State race that year in one event and then her junior year last year in multiple races as the love for the sport grew as she reflects on the experience of going to State the past two years.

“Oh it was so cool, the first time I went I was so nervous…my first year I was a sophomore and I didn’t know how State ran but I had one event so that was good so I won’t get so overwhelmed with all these events,” starts the eccentric Kanoff.

“And then the next year, my Junior Year, I was like ready to go.  I went to State for four events…so it was a full plate still but it was so much fun, I loved it.”

She competed in the 100, 200 4×100 and 4×400 relays as a junior, finishing fourth in the 100, third in the 200 and helped the relay teams to ninth (4×100) and tenth place (4×400) respectively as she’s starting off her senior season off strong again.

Kanoff (far right) lining up for the 100 meter dash during the McKay Icebreaker earlier this season (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The goal:  To get back to the Big Show in Eugene for at least one event.  To PR.

“One of my goals is to beat my 100 time, that’s when I get my best time is at State,” said Kanoff.  “Last year I came so close to my PR from my sophmore year, I got 12.72 and my all time PR is 12.7, so I hope to beat my 100 time this year.  That’s my main goal.”

Entering this year, the message she hopes to leave for the younger racers around her is to treasure these moments as they come because Senior Year comes up so fast.

“So some advice I have for the younger ones is treat each meet like it’s your last because it goes by so fast and Track is my favorite sport,” said Kanoff. “So take each moment at a time, take each event because when your a senior, you know it’s going to end and your treasuring each moment.”

And Kanoff is trying to embrace that within herself on a daily basis.

“I am cherishing each moment,” said Kanoff.  “Like when I have my events, I kind of take it all in…I just meet new friends, watch their events and thinking about ‘this is my last season, I need to treasure it’

Kanoff joked that soccer was tougher than Track as she finished with First-Team Honors as a Senior as she throws in the ball during their playoff game versus McLoughlin on November 1, 2016 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

As she prepares for another sprint to State, as she mentally focus’ for the race either by lining up in the blocks or warming up, she may have some Old School Music going through her ears or in her head with her race coming up.

Like MTV VJ Old School.  About 20 minutes worth of it.

“One of my favorite songs is Juke Box Hero,” laughed Kanoff.  “I love Eighties.”

Radical dude.

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