Playing Where Pros Played

By Jeremy McDonald

KEIZER, Ore.– There’s something about playing at Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Stadium.

Great San Francisco Giant players like Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, Joe Panik and Sergio Romo; there’s something special lining up where some great Major Leaguers once stood years before.

“It’s a great atomsphere,” said Hunter BeDoya. “You see Buster Posey use to play here and all these other pros use to play here and that I was right where they were.  I don’t know how many years ago that was, it was just awesome.”

For Hunter, who lined up at catcher, he got to catch pitches from younger brother Devon as Salem Academy lined up for Day One of the Volcanoes Spring Break Tournament.

“It’s awesome,” said Hunter.  “I don’t know if I’ll ever get to do that again so I’m going to soak it in every chance I get.”

Hunter BeDoya looking on from second base as the senior soaks in the experience of playing at Volcanoes Stadium with his team (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Devon BeDoya came out dominate versus Harrisburg as the Crusaders built a 3-0 lead entering the fourth inning.

The first out of the fourth inning was BeDoya’s eighth strikeout of the game as the sophomore wasn’t afraid of pounding the strike-zone with momentum riding their way.

“I felt like I did really good, we’re a young team and I know I need to pitch…keeping it to five innings, keeping low numbers because we got a young team.”

But then, the Eagles found a groove as Harrisburg hit a double on the next at-bat.  That was followed up by a hit-batter and a bases clearing at-bat by Chase Johnson to bring the score 3-2.

Johnson would later score to tie the game up at 3 before the inning ended with a throw-out and a BeDoya strikeout.

Both Harrisburg and Salem Academy teamed up after Friday’s 3-3 Tie to tarp up the field (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The score remained the same entering the sixth inning as it began to rain, but though it wasn’t rain related that ended the game in the 3-all tie as it was actually the tournament time limit; there was some fun in running out and tarping the field as the minor leaguers and the pros do during rain delays in their games.

“It was pretty cool,” smiled Hunter BeDoya.  “But it really is a blessing to play on this field at the Volcanoes Stadium.”

Jacob Haller, who came in for relief for the Crusaders picked up three strikeouts himself in two innings in relief as both Haller and BeDoya combined for 12 strikeouts in the contest as senior Zach Aldrich led the team with two hits in the tie.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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