Cascade Enters First Competition Of Year Wednesday

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– After a strong finish in the Oregon West Conference last year with a District Title in Girls Track and Field and a Boys Runner-up finish in 2016 that yielded nine District winners and strong showings at the 4A State Championships, the Cougars of Cascade are looking to carry that momentum into 2017

“Cascade’s always come out strong, so I also think today we’re coming out strong and I think that’ll progress into the season and do pretty good,” said Faith Craig, the junior finished seventh at Districts in the 100 meter Hurdles in 2016.

Elisa Kanoff, who finished third in the 200 meter race and fourth in the State 100 meter race, the senior knows how important these icebreaker meets are in preparation for what the season holds ahead.

“We call it our practice/icebreaker meet, what it’s actually like for actual meets so when the big meets come up, like for league titles and State Titles also, it gets us more prepared for that,” said the senior.

In her 100 meter race Wednesday, she was pushed by a McKay girl to finished the race strong.

Kanoff (far right) lining up for her race Wednesday at McKay High School (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“With the blocks at first, it was hard to get used to, they’re like the blocks like at State,” said Kanoff.  “I wasn’t used to that so I’m coming out of there slower than normal.  But I started picking it back up towards the middle part and I felt the McKay girl come up and I thought, ‘Oh crap, oh crud I need to go faster’ so I was pumping my arms as fast as I can…that was a good race.”

As for competing against schools out there that isn’t in their 4A region, as they were competing versus 3A Blanchet Catholtic and Amity and 6A’s McKay; seeing different competition will help them in the long haul.

“It’s different because different schools from different league so it gives us a chance to figure out what we’re doing and also like see what we’re doing against other competition, which helps us in our league,” said Craig.

“It’s nice because they’re 6A, they have a lot more to choose from from athlete wise,” said Kanoff on facing McKay.  “So going against a higher school to get more in-shape versus going against people of your own 4A it’s easier after you get used to 6A.  So it’ll definitely help us out in the long run.”

As they continued to battle Wednesday, it’s hard to pinpoint what’s their specific strengths are as Craig points to the excitement to see what may emerge this season.

“I don’t know, we’re a well-rounded team,” said Craig. “I’m kind of excited to see what are our strengths as a team.”

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