BeDoya, Crusaders Cruised to 12-0 Victory Over Toledo

By Jeremy McDonald

TOLEDO, Ore.–  It took the bats of Salem Academy to take up versus Toledo; but when they did, it was scary good.

Entering the third inning, the score sat at 0-0 in the opening game of the 2017 campaign when the Crusaders took a 2-0 lead.  But they weren’t done just yet.

Thanks to a eight-run inning in the Top of the following inning, they took a 10-0 lead entering the bottom of the fourth inning thanks to the bats of Jacob Hallier, Hunter BeDoya and Zach Aldridge.

“It’s was overall a great game,” said Hunter BeDoya, the senior had three hits and two RBIs in the win.  “After the the first two innings are bats started to come alive. But I also gotta give it to my younger brother Devon for dealing on the mound and doing what he does best.”

Besides contributing two RBIs himself, the younger BeDoya pitched three great, shutout innings as the sophomore allowed one hit and had seven strikeouts before Hallier came in for relief in the fourth inning.

“He pounded the zone and kept the hitters unbalanced mixing in different pitches,” Hunter BeDoya said of his younger brother.

Up next for the Salem Academy Nine, is Horizon Christian Monday at 430pm.

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