Stayton Meet’s Their New Head Football Coach

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–Sitting inside the auditorium for about an hour or so was the community listening to new Stayton High School Head Football Coach Randy Nyquist speaking to his new players, parents and the Stayton community.

He spoke about family, who he was as a person and coach and his past experiences leading up to his arrival to Stayton High.  Nyquist fielded questions of the players and families and asked players questions to get to know them as humans and as pupils of his.
When it all was said and done, and a wave of people came up to the seasoned coaching veteran, there’s a sense of change coming for this community that’s seen it one too many times with their football program.
But, they’re confident in the head guy in charge is the guy who will bring an equilibrium to the madness this great program’s seen over the past few years.
For Toby Hill, parent of Quarterback Aidan Hill, helikes the balance that Nyquist spoke to in his roughly half-an-hour speech to the team Wednesday.
“The positives I’ve heard was balance, making sure the kids have balance,” said Hill.  “Making sure the coaches have balance.  When he spoke about not taking kids out of basketball season, not taking kids out of baseball…I think that’s good because past coaches I’ve seen a lot of coaches pulling kids out of other programs and crossing them over  to do football stuff.
“So I think him being big on  each sport having it’s own season, I think it’s huge especially for us with kids involving with different sports.  I think that speaks volumes for the future and Aidan being able to focus on football when it’s football time and focus on basketball and not  worry about , ‘oh shoot I got to leave basketball practice and go to  football workouts’ and visa versa.”
Aidan Hill (looking back in gray) started at Quarterback for the Stayton Eagles in 2016 as they were Co-OWC Champions with Cascade and North Marion (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
Son Aidan and offensive/defensive lineman Isaiah Sunghera, there was something about what their new Head Coach had said that stuck with them.
For Aidan, it was the ability to speak his mind in front of players, families and the community there listening and questioning the coach who had won State Championships in the with West Albany and recently coached in Oregon City to go with his long history as Head Coach in Oregon.
“I think that it is cool he’s able to come out in front of all the kids and the parents and be able to speak his mind and tell us what he is going to do and stick to it,” said Aidan Hill.  “Obviously it’s going to take time for him to really stick to his word but I think it’s really the feeling that we all kinda of get, ‘there’s something good here’ and there wasn’t the same feeling with the other coaches.
“I mean our guys are very used to going with the flow and sticking to the plan.  But what I think he got going is, he’s going to take it slow, he’s going to take it steady but it’s going to work out  at the end and that’s pretty cool for us as seniors and people coming up behind us as well.”
Sunghera, the red-headed lineman liked how his new coach is able to portray character within his players and Sunghera points to the example he used with West Albany as he turned them into a three-time State Champion during his tenure.
“If you really work hard enough, it will come.  From West Albany, how he got there, they weren’t necessarily the best team, but they put in the work  and they came out on top.  Not necessarily with wins or losses but in character and stuff like that and you can see that with him.  Your going to gain some character.”
Now, as the Eagles make the move into the Randy Nyquist-era, the question will become how will these two sides mesh together?
After Wednesday’s meeting, there’s confidence that what Nyquist brings to the table is a recipe for success and longevity starting with this upcoming season.
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