Turning Pain Into Fuel: Cascade To Face Mazama In Consolation Bracket

By Jeremy McDonald


FOREST GROVE, Ore.—  There’s a uniqueness to be playing where Cascade was at Thursday afternoon at Forest Grove High School.  A awesome sense of being apart of the Elite 8, the final eight teams in the State of Oregon to be playing at this late stage of the season.

“We love it, it’s such a cool vibe,” said Mariah Hollenbeck “I mean, its none other.  It’s like a rival game, but bigger and better.”

“It’s a whole lot different, there’s so much more people from both teams, it’s a lot tighter game, it’s a lot intense, you can feel it throughout the whole atmosphere,” adds Lexi Lukojarvi.

For Cascade, they were back to where they suffered their last loss, all the way back to the State Championship that drove them back to this point of the season.

The goal of getting back to the 4A State Title Game.

But, a speed bump of sorts that they did not see coming when Seaside threw a monkeywrench into their plans of getting back there as the Seagulls stunned Cascade 47-42.

Now, the question becomes, how can they finish this off right? How can turn this sour taste into fuel for their meeting with the Mazama Vikings 9am at Pacific Universiy?

“We did this to ourselves, everything we did was our fault,” said Lexi Loukojarvi who had two steals and two rebounds in the game.  “So I think we got to come more mentally prepared for this situation in the game and whoever wants it more will win it so we have to have that mentality going into the game.”

“We just got to keep our heads up and keep as a team and keep pushing,” adds Hollenebck as they now prepare for Friday mornings game.

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