OFF TO THE BRACKET AGAIN! Stayton Girls Shutdown Hidden Valley

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.– It didn’t take overtime, it wasn’t even on the road when they did it.  The Stayton Lady Eagles won, in regulation, and at home over a very strong Hidden Valley squad led by Junior Kaylee Krusemark.

The Eagles shut Krusemark down, holding her to seven points total as their defense held the Mustangs to 10 total points late in the third quarter as they led by double-figures at that point.

Slowly, Hidden Valley awoke.  But not from Krusemark, but by Jenelle Hurley as the junior scored nine of her 13 points in the second half and six in the fourth as the Mustangs got to within seven midway through the fourth quarter.

But, needing to shut the door and not needing to have a North Marion-isc ending to the game, to their season, the Stayton Eagles found a way by shutting the door.

“We knew we had to hold our compsoure and keep playing our game and that we will be fine,” said Alyssa Lindamenn who had 12 points in the win on shutting the door.

“It was really important, but we knew, everyone knew we could get it done and we did,” adds Alexa Bender who added another 10.

At one point interestingly enough at about halfway through the fourth quarter, Lindemann pulled off her best Tom Brady-isc as she threw a three-quarters court pass to a wide-open Bender for a easy lay-up.

Let’s hope that there’s a football team at the college Lindemann goes to next year that needs an extra arm that Lindemann showed off twice in the game Saturday Night.

Alyssa Lindemann looking to the baseline during Saturday’s win (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The excitement is there, even the straight-edge Darren Shryock showed some emotion about making it to the Field of 16; but their work isn’t done yet as they now prep for a Marshfield squad that won the Far West League this year.

They’ll have a week, March 4 to be exact, as they clean up the edges for a tough Pirates team.  But it’s just a process said Shryock.

“So it’s a process, all the way through,” he said.  “Hopefully we’re better now then we were at the beginning of the year.  Everything on us focus’ on the defensive end, so if we can be lights out defensively,  offense kinds of takes care of itself.”

Saturday night was an example of that, time is yet to be determined but they’ll be ready.

“We just need to keep our focus and just play defense like we know how to play it,” said Lindemann.

As for now, they can enjoy the excitement and how far they’ve came this season.

“It feels great, it shows the work and effort we put in and it’s paying off now,” said Bender.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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