Amity Advances To Face Dayton In League Playoffs

By Jeremy McDonald

AMITY, Ore.–In their final home game of the season, Amity surely did put on a show for the home crowd versus Horizon Christian.

Four minutes and fifty-five or so seconds into the ball game, the Warriors look all but in control of the game leading by an monstrous 18-3 thanks to great defense and translated into great offense.

“We just came out firing on all cylinders,” said Dylan Stearns.  “Sharing the ball, passing the ball, we were shooting good, they were driving good.  We played good defense.”

But slowly, like a phoenix coming out of the ashes of demise, the Hawks awoke and made an significant run that made the once 15-point lead to one in the second quarter.

Stun, Amity called time to regroup, to refind that groove that got them so far ahead so early.

It worked.

Devin McShane hits a three, then Sam White and the Warriors were up seven as Amity found themselves up 39-30 at the halftime break.

Dylan Stearns (15) in the process of a behind-the-back pass in Wednesday’s Game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

A matter of fact, the Warriors met similar adversity Wednesday as everytime Horizon made a run to cut the double-figure lead to single-digits; Amity answered back by pushing back and pushing their lead back to double-figures.

Like a see-saw for the first part of the second half actually.

“It was great, it was a team effort,” said Clint Hatch.  “Espically this is the last time home game , it added a little bit of a umph to it and we’re started to get our…we’re started to play as a team more.  We’re started to a hang of it.”

But eventually, the Hawks wore down and the lead blew up to 18 late in the game as the Warriors sealed the 73-57 victory, sending the Amity Men to face the one team they know too well:


As the Pirates await the winner of this game, which now happens to be the team that handed them their lone loss of the 2016-2017 season; it’s safe to say that Amity knows the revenge that awaits them.

And the Warriors know they are ready for the showdown at Central High School at 7pm Saturday night.

Clint Hatch (white) going up for a contested lay-up (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“I feel like when we play as a team, when we play as one, I feel like there’s a team who can’t stop us,” “But that saying, we have to stay together.  There’s no other group of guys I want to play with.  I just feel like if we can bring the energy on the defense, that’ll translate to points on offense side.

“We just have to keep it going.”

For Hatch, going back to what he was saying, they are starting to hit their groove at the right time as they enter Saturday’s game.

“It’s perfect,” he said.  “We’re peaking at the right time because a lot of other teams will get tired after a while, but we’re getting up there and we’re peaking at the right time going into playoffs and it’s perfect.”

WARRIORS SCORERS- McShane-20.  Hatch-15. Stearns, Dylan-11. Stearns, Deryk-9.  White-5.  Wilson-2.  Yeager-2.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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