Scio Honors Seniors Versus Blanchet Saturday

By Jeremy McDonald

SCIO, Ore.–  Senior Night.  There’s always something special about wearing the uniform of your school one last time.

There’s an sense of honor said Black Lackner to wear the uniform.

“It feels great, just knowing what we’ve done in the past, it just feels good just to be able to…other guys have worn these jerseys and they were all so good, so it feels pretty good,” said Blake Lackner.

For Olivia Bennett, it’s bittersweet way to end her career at the Scio Girls Basketball Program.

“It’s an honor, it’s been sad that it’s my last home game,” said Bennett.  “I was hoping we come out, like our first quarter, I was hoping we come out with more energy and run through our offense and play basketball like we can but it didn’t work out that way so I’m kind of disappointed but I’m also kind of sad that this is my last home game ever, it’s kind of emotional

In the Girls Game, it would be only fitting to have seniors start their last home game:
Autumn Mitchell, Haley Wallen, Mikayla Kuzma, Maddy Dixon and Bennett all lined up for the opening tip.
Mikayla Kuzma (13) and Maddy Dixon (33) lining up for the Opening Tip-Off of the game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
“It was really cool,” said Mitchell.  “I played with these girls throughout High School, they’re all my best friends so it’s cool to have all them out there.”
Scio cane out firing with their all five senior line up holding BC to no points until the 609 mark from free throws.
It was a junior that scored the first points of the game for Scio, Katelyn Gray that tied it at 2 as Mitchell became the first senior to score to tie it at 4.
Ana Coronado and Sophie Poole got BCs offense rolling late in the first as they built a 10-4 lead behind her defensive and offensive presence as the Cavs were winning the TO and rebounding game as Blanchet transitioned those into their offense to upset the Loggers on Senior Night as they hope to end the regular season strong versus Chemawa Friday.
“We can keep playing our game and keep working hard and play what we do best,” said Poole on how they can finish the season strong.
“It’s no different,” adds Ana Coronado on their mentality right now.  “We’re trying to push tempo a little more now since we’ve all been sick we’re all trying to get back into our routine and pushing the ball and doing what we do best.”


Scio boys came out as they did the first time they played the Cavailers: aggressively as they built a 5-0 lead with 430 left in the first quarter.
Blake Lackner (13) looking to pass during the first half versus Blanchet (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
Lackner put the Loggers up 7-0 with three to go a Blanchet drains a three to bring them to within four but Nate Yoder put the Loggers up 10-3 with a trey entering the second.
The Cavs Garrett Harrison brought them to within four with a 3 to start 2nd quarter as Blanchet Catholic built a 25-12 lead by halftime as turnovers and the rebounding game put momentum in favor of the Cavailers by the halftime break.
But Scio kept fighting as they cut it to eight to start the fourth as the seniors didn’t want to leave the court like this.
RJ Veliz always says it’s a battle against Scio, as they saw what happened in their first meeting on January 14 and know’s the battling style of the Loggers will help them come playoff time.
“It’s great, it’s how, this enviornment here today, that’s how it’s going to be at State and it’s going to be tough and every team is going to come out for us like every other team in the league because we are the team to beat,” “And I don’t know, I think we handled it pretty good today and I’m looking forward to the State Playoffs.”
In his final game at Scio, Lackner scored the last five Logger points, a three-pointer and a contested lay-up in the closing moments of the game as he hopes that this message that him and the seniors are sending to the underclassmen resonate with them long after they are gone, whether or not that’s after the Chemawa game next Friday or in the PacWest Playoff Tournament.
“I just hope they realize that after we’re gone, they can still compete with other team’s,” said Lackner.  “I hope they don’t get discouraged by us leaving.”
Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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