McKay’s Norely Lara Finished Sixth In Girls District

By Jeremy McDonald

SPRINGFIELD, Ore.–  For her first-year in High School wrestling, McKay’s Norely Lara has already put her name on the map with how scrappy she wrestles.

And she’s only a Freshman.

Entering this weekend in Springfield, it was a change of pace as a Girls Districts opportunity popped up and Lara was one of 35 girls in the 108 weight division as she wrestled under the Capital City Mat Club Tag.

Day one of the OSAA Girls State Qualifer, Lara pinned her first two opponents before losing a tough 4-0 decision to end Day one that put her into the Consolation bracket entering Day two.

Still trying to be one of the four that makes it to State, Lara starts Day Two with a 1:12 pin, the a pin at the 3:38 mark that put the frosh into the Consolation Semi-Final round against Allie O’Cain from the Rainier Mat Club.

O’Cain put a damper on Lara’s run as O’Cain won by decision, 11-4 that put the freshman in the fifth-sixth place match against Dottie Tucker from Thurston High School.

Tucker would go on to win by Major Decision to take fifth and handing Lara sixth, but the freshman isn’t mad about the result.

Disappointed yes.  Mad, not so much.

“I wasn’t really mad but a bit disappointed I came hoping to place top 4,” said Lara.  “But overall I’m proud as well too it was a big bracket 35 girls and to place 6th isn’t that bad I just need to work harder and clean up the errors I made .

“As a freshman I found this to be a learning experience to see were I am and now knowing how hard these girls go. It wasn’t my best I know best my coaches will help me out my ass to work ready for next year!”

There were nerves and excitement the whole time for the young wrestler as she enjoyed the experience she was apart of.

“During the whole thing I felt mostly excited partly nervous while warming up to get ready for a match when I was on deck. I really had fun meeting new girls I didn’t go against throughout the tournament,” said Lara.  “I loved the intensity that was going on during mine and others matches and the support different teams give to others.”

In her corner the whole time, one of the two coaches down with her, was actually wrestling on the mats with the 220s and the 285s as a McKay Wrestler a few weeks ago in Ivan Marquez.

Marquez has been out of wrestling for a few weeks due to an injury, but said coaching was a great experience for him as he got to coach a great talent in Lara.

“I gotta say coaching is a fun experience specially when you’re coaching a great wrestler like Norely.  Having coach privileges at a tournament is cool except that they didn’t have no hospitality room so that was disappointing haha,” said Marquez.

Maybe he’ll get that hospitality room soon enough if he continues coaching down the road.  As for full-time coach, he’s not 100-percent sure just yet.

“I will stop by to help out after I graduate but I’m not so sure about full time coaching. Maybe when I have kids and they start wrestling haha,” said Marquez.

As for Lara, her season isn’t done yet as she joins her teammates as the Scots finish the regular season over the next few weeks and she hopes to work on her errors as she looks to improve as a wrestler entering her sophomore year.

“I can use the rest of the season to work on the errors I made today including my lack of speed and clean technique,” said Lara. To build More momentum. (I’m) hoping to get Top 4 next year to earn it I plan to wrestle during the off season for freestyle and Greco.




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