Salem Academy’s Koby McCallum Shares Thoughts On MSU-Northern Commitment

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–A few days has past since Salem Academy’s Koby McCallum fulfilled his dream to a point of playing collegiate football when he signed to play for NAIA’s Montana State University-Northern.

“It been crazy, it’s been a dream of mine every since I was a little kid and everything I’ve worked for has been, main goal of mine, it’s still a dream come true,” said McCallum. “And it’s great and I can’t be more blessed and happy with the system I’m going, the coaches and the guys up there, it’s a great place and I’m really excited.”

How he was brought to the school was him researching smaller schools like the NAIA level and were nearby where he bumped into the college in his research and started talking to one of the coaches and one thing lead to another that brought him to when he signed a few days ago.

McCallum pointed out that on his visit to the University in the small town of Havre, Montana, about a 45-60 minute drive south of the US-Canada border, it was a toasty negative eight degrees during thr trip.

“When I visited it was negative eight degrees, it was really cold but in the summers and stuff, in July and August, it’s like 85,” he said. “So huge weather difference.”

Crazy weather up in the highlands that’s for sure.

As for the competition that he would be facing in the Frontier Conference features Powerhouse Carroll College who has six National Titles since 2001, Southern Oregon University that won the 2014 Title and went to the 2015 Title Game and tough competition in Montana Tech who won the conference in 2016 and Eastern Oregon; the senior is excited to try out his safety skills against those big time squads.

“I can’t wait the Frontier Conference is one of the best conferences for NAIA in the nation,” said McCallum.  “It’ll be super fun, some of the top guys in the narion, just can’t wait.”

He knows it’ll be a battle for the next four-,five-years wearing the Maroon and Gold; but it’ll be no different from wearing the Green, Gray and White of Salem Academy the past four.

“Some lessons are never give up and you always got to work for what you want,” said McCallum. “For all the work we put in the off-season and practice every day, day in and day out, it’s just a grind, just non-stop you just got to keep working at it.”

With him preparing for his basketball game versus Gervais, McCallum won’t forget the fun that was playoff football.

“Probably the playoff games like against Vale, Blanchet and the State playoff State game obviously, it was the greatest experience of my life and some of the greatest games I’ve ever play and I will always remember with the guys that I’ll remember for the rest of my life,” he said.

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