West Salem Gives McKay An Unique Opportunity To Respond

By Jeremy McDonald


Around the gym post the McKay-West Salem is the question of what happened?  How did the score result the way it did.

When the final buzzer rang, it was Titans 110, Scots 77 after a strong first quarter that had Mckay down seven.

The locker room post game was deathly quiet as the team reflected on what had unfolded after that first quarter.

As they walked out of the locker room, the looks on their faces were worse than after the Forest Grove game Friday.

The question is what happened to this McKay squad that was at one point 10-3 and were riding high following their 79-77 win over South Salem?  What happened to that confidence?

The answer is a loss of confidence by the Scots, but how can they get that back, get that mojo from against South, against Reynolds and Eagle Point, and the pain showed as McKay walked out of the locker room for the parking lot.

“It hurts a lot, we know we can play better than that.  We’ve proved it before, we played them before and we won,” said Khyler Beach. “We just have to regain our confidence, right now, we’re lacking in confidence, we’re just on a losing streak and we just have to get it back in believing in ourselves again.”

Now some would point to a figurative fork in the road, McKay can let this game, these last four games, weigh them down; or they can use this game, lessons learned from this losing streak and turned it back to where they were at.

And it starts with confidence, but where do they get that spark back?

Beach said from practicing hard and carrying that to the games as they’ve had all year.

“We just have to work harder in practice and in games and never giving up,” he said.

For Ryan Bangs, he knows his team has it in them as he points to all the hard work they put in during the summer and the early part of this year.

“We just have to do what got us here,” he said.  “Out work everyone in practice.  I think we all know we all out work everyone in the off season…that hard work carried over to the beginning of the season but it’s not really there right now.

“We just have to show up to practice, just ready to play.  Winning starts at practice.”

That hunger.  That hunger that got them confidence in the summer that they carried over to the start of the season, they know they have it despite how they are feeling right now, they just need to start believing in that as they did before.


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