The Cascade Train Keeps-A-Rollin’ To 6-0

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.–The Cascade Lady Cougar Machine keeps-a-rolling Tuesday despite a week-and-a-half off from competition.

Standing in front of them, was the high-powered offense of Valley Catholic in a battle of number-one and number-two in the State of Oregon at the 4A level.

The trick was to slow down the Valiants, powered behind number 15, Petra Flemmer.

They do so, with the help of Emma Woods leading the way from the perimeter and the strength of Halle Wright and Karen Miller down in the trenches.

“We wrote up on the board who we were suppose to match,” said Woods.  “We knew which players were the best ball handlers and best shooters. It took a lot of discipline and focus to match those girls up and deny the ball to them so they couldn’t score and I think that’s what kept us ahead.”

Emma Woods running down the court as her and the guards out on the perimeter battled to slow down the sharp shooters of Valley Catholic Tuesday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


This defense, held the Valiants to seven first quarter points and 20 in the first half as they lead 30-20 at the halftime whistle.

Wright once more proved her offensive firepower as she scored 17 of her 27 points in the first half as they went toe-to-toe with the number one Valley Catholic team eager to beat the Lady Cougars on home court.

“I just felt like we were prepared,” said Wright.  “Every practice here, we were going through offensive plays, defensive plays.  I mean it’s just, I think we were ready and prepared to come out and start dropping things.”

Though the Valiants made runs, cutting the lead to single-digits at different times in the second half, Cascade showed why they’ve been one of 4As best with the 62-47 victory Tuesday to improve to 6-0 on the season as they tack on yet another quality win to their already incredible resume with another playoff-like game.

“We’re a very physical team and we start usually really well,” “We want to come out and make an impact and show them that we’re here to play, indimiate them, show them who they are.  That’s just who our programs about.”

There was a cool moment as the Cougars teams walked off the court Tuesday as an young girl approached Wright for an autograph following her performance, something that drives her to this day as she continues to lead this Cascade team.

“Growing up I was just like that, I had role models and I loved it,” said Wright.  “They supported me when I was younger and doing that, I just want to fill their hearts like they did with me when I was growing up.  It’s awesome, it’s a awesome feeling and you got to make the most of it.”

Cascade will host Scapposse Friday before going onto the road next week with Oregon West Conference league starting January 17.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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