Playing As One Unit: Stayton Boys Basketball Refocusing For The Preseason Home-Stretch

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.—After their first game success versus Scio Tuesday, the boys of Stayton had two very tough test the last two days of the SCTC Tournament with La Grade and Woodburn.

They competed well with La Grande for the first half of the game before fading late and had a tough time breaking the press and the run-and-gun of the Bulldogs in the Tournament finale, but the boys are walking out knowing what the confidence and the fire needed to get back on track after last week’s strong showing at the Capital City Classic for when they get to practice Monday.

“Yeah the frustrations will just be enough to get us going again,” said Riley Nichol.  “Practice Monday, it’s going to be interesting and fun.”

Kurtys Hernandez describe what happen as the team being overly confident after their 93-43 victory over the Loggers for when they matched-up against the tougher teams Day two and three of the tournament.

“Coming off the Scio victory, I think we were a little bit, our heads were a little higher than they should’ve been,” said the senior. “So when we came to the tougher teams, we stop playing as a team and start caring about ‘who would perform better?’ I think.  So we got to learn from that, it’s all about playing as a team, wheither it’s a good team or a bad team.”

Aidan Hill (center) showing the frustrations of the game during Friday’s Game versus Woodburn (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Cade Nau mentions the similar statement on the letdown and how they can piece it together by the Corbett game Tuesday evening as during Friday’s game, the Eagles looked flat against the run-and-gun offense, pressing defense Woodburn threw their way.

“First game we were feeling good and we were playing as a team, and going into the game versus La Grande, that was the toughest team we’ve seen this year,” starts Nau.  “We played a good first half, we came in at halftime and laid down two and we just kind of crumbled in the second half.  We went away from what we’ve been coached and played as a team.

“And that continued into our game in the Woodburn game.”

Hernandez and Nau talked about the long talk that the team had in their post-game meeting, reminding them of who they are as a unit as they turn their focus back to what made them so successful to this point of the season.

“In the locker room after the game, we were focusing on our goals as a player as a part of the team,” said Hernandez.“And so we could take as, cause everyone was like, we were going out of our roles for that game; so we can take this, we can practice being on our role during practice  and help each other stay within our part and do our part during practice so we can transfer it to the game.”

Nau points to coming out to game stronger, with energy as they turn their focus to Corbett at home Tuesday night at 7pm.

“We just have to come out with our team chemistry and we have to play together,” said Nau.  “Because, we’ve been having a lot of players just playing for themselves and not playing for the team and once we do that, we’ll come out with W’s.”

EAGLE SCORERS-  Anundi-16.  Daniels-14.  Nau-13.  Hill-8.  Nichol-3.  Hernandez-2.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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